Top 10 Worst Instances of Filler in Dragonball Z


Prepare for STILL MORE nerd rage!

We all know I love Dragonball Z, and I’m pretty sure there’re a handful of you out there who still do, too. While I certainly made sure to show my love for DBZ, I also made not one but two lists of plotholes I deemed unacceptable. A lot of comments hit me like a Solar Flare, arguing that I hadn’t listed real plotholes but rather just instances of filler used to allow time for the manga to catch up to the anime. I still say those plotholes are unacceptable and I think Akira Toriyama agrees with me, hence why Dragonball Z Kai, Toriyama’s re-edit of the series from 291 episodes down to 100, is being released in the US this month. In fact, you can still preorder it through Amazon right now. So in celebration of yet another “definitive” edition of DBZ coming out, I figured I’d run down a list of the Top 10 Worst Instances of Filler in DBZ.

But first, what is filler? I’m going to define it as thus: An episode or plot, usually a side plot, that has little or no relevance to the main plot and only serves to A, stall for time, or B. extend the series for no good reason. And this is MY list, so don’t disagree until you get to the point where you can leave a comment at the bottom. So are we ready? The table is set, now let us begin!

10. Goku and Piccolo Learn to Drive:

I assure you, this image is infinitely more intersting than the ones I could have used.

Right after the episodes where the Z Fighters are training for the arrival of the Androids, but before the episode where they actually appear, Chi Chi decides that Goku needs to learn to drive. Why? Because she’s sick of having to walk to the store all the time. Even though she’s been shown multiple times driving a flying car. Regardless, she forces not just Goku but Piccolo to get their drivers licenses, mostly for the lulz. Nothing happens the entire episode other than “random wackiness,” though not the kind that I find all that entertaining. And in the end, neither pass the test. Still, Goku has his license in a later episode, just because.

9. Gohan Thinks He’s a Super Hero:

No, just, dang it, go back to being a Super Saiyan.

After Cell is defeated, there are seven years of peace on Earth, meaning Gohan finally goes to school like a regular kid. Except he decides to fight crime for the heck of it. Sure, why not? While not everything he does as the Great Saiyaman is dull, a lot of it has no point to anything else in the series. Gohan is never in any real danger, nor is anyone near him since, as we know, he can move faster than a gunshot. It becomes especially painful to sit through episodes where he’s saving a random dinosaur he knows. Get back to the real action already Gohan.

8. The Ginyu Force on King Kai’s Planet:

I think that about sums it up for me.

I’ve been over why the Ginyu Force’s appearance on King Kai’s planet messes up rationality completely, such as making it apparent that somehow Yamhca, Tien, and Chiaotzu aren’t completely worthless but still aren’t used again, but when you get right down to it, this whole plot is not only really stupid but distracts from the real good stuff happening between Frieza and everyone else. Why do I wanna see these pointless characters fight guys that Goku and Vegeta already beat? Pass.

7. Terror on Arlia:

Oh boy. Bugs. From a planet I've never heard of. I totally care.

This is one of the first chances we get to see Vegeta and Nappa in action way before they even show up on Earth (and Vegeta’s color scheme rapidly changes without explanation). The concept behind this entire episode probably began with a “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” introduction and then someone else yelled, “Oh! Giant ugly bug things!” I’m just surprised no one bothered to shut that guy up. All I know is this was just here to fill space while everyone trained on Earth, but in the process it showed Vegeta blowing up a planet (showing that everyone, including Yamcha and his bunch, would have that amount of power by the Freiza Saga), and somehow allowing Vegeta the ability to breath in space. Just because.

6. Hey, This Isn’t Namek:

Three unlikely space travelers going to a new world? I smell a sitcom!

After Vegeta’s defeat on Earth, Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma fly off to Namek to wish everyone back that just got killed. In the manga they go straight there. However, in the anime, they run into a band of planetless scrubs on a weird looking spaceship and have to help them survive. Just because. We get the usual message of “Don’t judge one another off first impressions” or “You never know where you’ll find a friend” or some randomness like that, but nothing significantly cool. Also, we see Gohan and Krillin putting out fires with Kamehameha waves. Energy blasts shouldn’t be able to put out fires when they can also cause them. That just doesn’t make sense. There’s another plothole right there.

5. Hey, This Still Isn’t Namek:

At this point, I'd just say Yamcha and the others aren't really worth it.

So now that our trio of not-so-successful space travelers has left the foreign spacecraft behind, do they make it to Namek? No, they land on someplace they think is Namek and spend a few episodes gathering pretend Dragon Balls with two aliens pretending to be Namekians just so they can steal the heroes’ space ship and leave. More pointless Dragon Ball hunting takes place, something we had moved past even before the end of Dragonball, but now it’s just happening to prolong the quest to Namek even further. The amount of joy I felt when they FINALLY arrived on the real Namek was overpowering.

4. Gohan and the Orphans:

I couldn't find an image even remotely interesting for this, so enjoy remembering Gohan for a time when he actually did something cool.

During that ill-fated year between Raditz’s arrival and Vegeta and Nappa making their way to Earth, everyone was busy doing something. Goku was constantly running on Snake Way, Krillin and the other Also-Rans were training with Kami, and Gohan was getting beaten and abused by Piccolo, supposedly to prepare him for the Saiyans’ arrival. While most of Gohan’s wilderness training is awful filler, it hits a peak of just plain bad when the orphans show up. Why? No real reason other than to waste a few episodes showing Gohan seeing some random kids without parents being tough on their own before a lesson is learned about Gohan needing to be tougher for the Saiyans or something that he already learned with one of the other filler training episodes. Sure, throw in some orphans. Just because.

3. Bulma Does Anything:

Bulma, you're just a big ol' bundle of walking filler, aren't you?

I could have broken this into a few different examples, such as Bulma chasing down a stray Dragon Ball on Namek that she herself manages to lose, or Bulma befriending the Ginyu frog and accidentally getting her body switched with him, but I realized that pretty much any time Bulma shows up for an extended episode she’s there just to fill time doing nothing important whatsoever. The whole Dragon Ball hunt? After the two episodes with her losing, finding, and almost losing the ball again, nothing’s different than when she started. The same goes with the Ginyu frog body switch. Somehow she’s even hurled all the way from the Frieza battleground back to whichever random island she was hiding on in the first place as if nothing happened. Bulma nearly lost all relevance to the plot, making her only real achievements of Dragonball Z being getting pregnant and then somehow not losing Trunks in the ocean on accident, just because.

2. Goku Helps a Family of Pterodactyls, Just Because:

Again, there are no cool images for this, so remember Goku's finest moments instead.

Buu has just been defeated and peace has been restored to the universe. Hooray! The next episode is devoted to showing things settling in for a time of peace with some fun bits where we get to see how the Z Fighters handle said peace. Hooray! Then there’s an episode where everyone gets together for a barbeque. Just because. But that’s not the bad part. The unforgivable filler content happens because Goku isn’t at the barbeque because, and here it comes, he’s helping a family of pterodactyls keep their nest safe for their eggs to hatch. Just. Because. He finally shows up at the end of the episode to make everyone get the food out again and stay longer just to hear him talk about the filler plot he just encountered. At least with three episodes left in the series things couldn’t get any worse.

1. The Three Final Episodes:

Hey sure, let's just add some new characters at the last second, why not.

Well dang it. The final three episodes of the series have to do with yet another Tenkaichi Budokai, throwing us another 10 years ahead to see how the characters are doing. And what do we find out? Everyone pretty much lost contact with one another because Goku doesn’t bother to stay in contact with anyone, a task that’s literally as simple as blinking an eye due to Instant Transmission. For some reason the tournament is of interest for the Z Fighters because Goku thinks there’s some super strong fighter appearing, someone who happens to be Buu reborn as a human named Uub (I see what they did there). And in these final three episodes we are shown that Gohan is a nerd, Videl is a housewife, Trunks is a chaunce, Goten looks like Yamcha, Yamcha is still worthless, Vegeta doesn’t have much to do anymore, Krillin has grown a mustache, and Goku is an incredibly horrible friend and family member since he decides to just pick up and fly away to train this random kid he just met because he thinks he has potential. Not Goten. Not even Pan, his granddaughter. Nope, just some kid he met for the first time here. And the saddest thing of all? Even though they insist on continuing the series with GT, we discover that Uub is 100% worthless, meaning Goku wasted all those years abandoning his family and friends yet again. How sad.

But the filler can’t all be bad, right? I’m not going to leave on such a sour note this time. Nope, I have two instances of where the filler wasn’t just acceptable; it was awesome.

This right here:


And this as well:

Double WHABAM!

They somehow make the Season Seven DVD collection suck marginally less just by existing.

But that’s all the energy I can gather for bad uses of filler today. What about you? Did you enjoy these filler plots? Do you think they’re invaluable to the series as a whole? Or did I miss an example of filler that beats everything I just said here? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. Mistakes commited by the COMPANy in ENG VERSION: they should have known what do they expect & what they do not from a successful anime from JAPAN…..the TASTE,…..differs….Logically… the Entire CAST AND CREW….(im not referring TOEI and the JAPansese animators…..) should have watched the show before hand….to either select…to ….dub…or not…in the thinking….of the similar success it would do in their minds….AS for the FILLLERS…….ah yes…..the Fillers is the only Major Problems faced by DBZ as it distrupts the pacing of the show….and prolong time….other than that……WHAT??????EXCELLENT VOiCE ACTING…..MUSICS WITH GOOD EMOTIONS AND INTENSITY…..and Good ANIMAtions….it….steadily gets TERIFFIC… Note: in Japanese Version……
    Well…it can be said that the show was a massive success in Japan…and …worldwide…since it has an UNIVERSAL APPEAL….But then….i saw it in Eng VERSION…and…..….…MANNNNNNN…..davastated…. …the screaming…and….pathetic voice acting….and….mediocre music….(pls….these are what info’s that I’ve gathered frm various…Honestly…VARIOUS….sites.)….Well…Goku…has ben condemned…terribly….with Vegeta…Krillin…as everyone’s punchbag….Even great Villains…as……ahhhh……these were what that contained in the NONSENSE WEBSITE SUCH AS THE ENCYLOPEDIA DRAMATICA….. WhY???? Aren’t the JAPANESE AND THE WORLDWIDE DBZ FANS WERE HUMANS AS THE ENG SPAEKING FANS…..or the Sum ENG SPAKING FANS/HATERS WERE NOT HUMANS…at all….. wel…im being practical…..Its the Approach….I can only completely blame the COMPANy….in regard to this matter….dbz WAS…..AND….. STILL… has an hearth-warming story… I’ve watched in Jap Version…..But…in ENG….there’s no sense of Bond….or linkage….or even….emotions…displayed…..WHICH IS A MUST THROUGH VOICE ACTING…..Those Eng Voice actors…MUST……have Misunderstood that the ANIMATION ALONE….would do the trick for the…..non-existing excellent voice acting and performance….. I love the CELL SAGA…and TRUNKS…..but REAlly……realy………. Disappointed when he transformed into the Ultra Super SAIYAN…..His voice ……or shal….i say….his……screaming….in JAP Version….seems……to have……MUCh….MUCh…MUCH MORE Emotions…..than the ENG VERs has….besides…the music…..seems so funny… most…times…in which….musicians…nowadays…only know…how to blare…..horns….during Serious Moments…..The ANImation alone cannot help it….Frankly SPEaking…..DO Any ONE HERE FELL THAT Any SHOW….of this…21st Century…..equals….to that……with dbz….in….comparison…to….animation….music….voice acting….or even….the innocence of Characters… Goku…and……Gohan…and Goten…….besides….excellent characterization…of ….even…the most….minute…or minor……character…..Most show today…are targeted to younger audience….with nonsensical jokes….and …..crap….plots…as ben 10…..SPongebob….and THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD….What Man??????
    Filllers were meant to prolong an episode. It was done either by…adding.. few puches…and kicks…in a fight…or….detailed …info…of…matters…on-going….within…the plot….PLOT….besides,,,,they….. are required to ensure the anime do not get ahead of the Manga…wel…that’s well known isn’t it…but….its in the hand of the COMPANY as well as the Fans or audience wheter they bear with it or they do not….. Seriously…it would be a lie to SAY DBZ was a MASSIVE SUCCESS in ENG….Sum Kids …today…..even make fun of them…..well…my little Cousin……WATCHES THE IDIOTIC SHAUN THE SHEEP…..SPONGEBOB….BEN 10….which are NONe…nothing….compared to DBZ…..Any WISE Person…would surely…choose to watch it in Jap Version…..its a Fact….FACT…that Bitters…..My point is…..if the Company KNOWS OF ITS…..SLUGGISH PACE….WHY…WHY….NOT OPT To DUB OTHER SHOWS RATHER THAT to SLAUghter its Uniqueness…..OR……OR….They Could have REALlly….really……Improvised Their Other…..Departments….as the….Musicians……and…the…..Voice actors…..If THAT has been done….Trust me…..even…the fillers……..are….VERy….VERy…….entertaining….whereby….lists such as these instances of Worst Fillers…wouldn’t have existed………Sorry…..Chris Pranger…….

  2. I can’t really think of any TOP 10 AWESOME MOMENTS as for me, The ENTIRE SHOW was awesome.. only some fillers screwed it up…but really helps for detailed info…and makes the fans to care of whats goin to happen next… For instance, in the Garlic Jr. Saga…I felt it was utter waste of time…while on the other hand, vegeta was shown looking for Goku…to find out how he became… SS…Well, he also destroyed the remaining armies/servants/special forces of FRieza that makes sense…whereby….as the story progresses… was made evident that everything IS DONE with frieza by the time FUTURE Trunks sliced him…. No more space aliens arrive to Earth in the name of seeking vengeance….while the STORY…yes, the Story focuses more on the mystery that are revealed…. My ALL TIME Favourite Villain is CELL as he is completely ‘different’ from any other Villains…..characterizations….very unique…Well… for some filler actions sequences…yes… FILLER….they were done very impressive mainly in CELL SAGA…. Especially his fight with Vegeta….Man…..punches and blasts…in the episode “Hour Of Temptation”…Even Trunks Fight with Perfect Cell was good in the anime than the MAnga (pls don’t blame Akira…he’s a genius), but the FILLER portion was really good mainly in the episode “Ghosts from Tomorrow”…the entire episode was filler…but breathtaking….suspense…flashback….action….good music…I always loved the Japanese Version since they have the SOUL…..Funimation could have worked better on that besides the voice acting…the SHOW was intended to be COOL in THE STATES…but resulted in being TOO COOL with the dimensions of the characters were not explored to the depth as little attention were paid to the intensity… Well….sorry for that….besides that, Goku’s fight with Cell namely in the episode “Goku vs Cell”, “No More Rules” and “The Fight is Over” were spectacular as the highlights were the FILLERs…the bombardment of punches and kicks and blast….we eventually witness an all-out physical war…with the aid of Fillers…. I agree that sometimes it spoils the quality and the pacing of the show… still…it were good during the action-packed episodes… No animations can stand these show though sometimes….or shall I say….half the time….HAlF….it was not terrific…..
    Next, movin on to the FAMOUS “INFAMOUS 5 MINUTES” in FRIEZA’s battle against Goku… Honestly..out of all villains…he was not good…or great…it is understandable due to the limited budget in hand of the show besides inconsistency of Akira’s PLOT whether to Continue OR STOP THE SHOW…. … Wel…goku’s fight in his regular from with Frieza was strictly O.K..Then..SS transformation was good….but other than that…besides being too long…too wordy…drawn out….very expected twist and turns pulls down the entire show… the FILLER was Bad….i admit it…BAD…but …there’s always a BUT….as I’ve said…it helps in future events…for instance…during the FILLER PORTIONS OF THE SHOW… the GINYU FORCES vs TIEN, YAMCHA AND CHIOTZU….our Z-fighters won…for some…it was pointless…but…Tiens Training with KING KAI then…his fight with GINYU… enchanced hid capabilities in his Fight during the Cell Saga…In which he used the AWESOME NEO-TRI BEAM against semi-perfect Cell… buy the…. world some time….His Attempt should be not even Piccolo’s (my another favourite character) LIGHT GRENADE….and 16 (also my boy)…couldn’t win him after the AWESOME HELL”S FLASH…… As for Yamcha… though doesn’t have much to do… his training under the 10X gravity with KING KAI made him at least SURVIVE after his ENCOUNTER WITH the ANDroids….in which Android 20 impales him In the chest….His presence also helped to Bring back Goku safely home….to cure the disease….even if did not do anything except GUARDING GOKU…his Presence..further helps the Character Developments…. He assisted in finding CELL with Piccolo….Krillin…and Tien…
    As for my POINT of View…EVEything was Perfect in the CELL SAGA…be it…FILLER or anything….Evey characters had their Piece of Action that SAtisFy their Fans….be it Tien…PIcoolo…even Krillin….Even the Fillers ….were good…only if were DONE A BIT… BETTER….A BIT….AS For FRieza and MAjin BUU…I couldn’t say much….as the animation says it all….DBZ was STEADY During The SAIYAN and Namek Saga…but Strictly… in the MANGA….Frieza saga…Pulled it down….I Don’t care Much for….Garlic Jr….Finally….DBZ WAS IN LIMELIGHT During the TRUNKS Saga…though I was little worried with FRIEZa’s COmEBACk…Well…his Presence did Help in Character Development…. And More Twist AND Turns…with the Arrival Of the Androids…Vegeta..then became SS….which was good….then…The CELL SAGA….Up to there…The ENTIRE ANIMATION and Plot Unfolding were SUPERB…… But then……One POInt Here…is that… EVERYONE”S upgrade to SS WAS Impressive…..Even SS 2 was Nice….But EVEyone should have had the same capabilities…GOKU…VEGETA…. And…GOHAN…..even if I like Trunks for his love and care for his dad in Japanese Version…. SS2 tranformation was Powerful….but SS3 was Simply Made to Imply that GOKU Will be The BEST CHARACTER in DBZ…even if I like him too…. It was out of the line as far as DBZ Fans were concerned…..Thx…..Pls e-mail me ur guys opinion:

  3. Although I agree that most anime fillers are junk including those in Dragonball Z like fake Namek and Everything with Bulma. I have to disagree with the one about Gohan’s training. I mean I agree with the orphans part of it. But him returning home to his mom, or running into the robot, or befriending the dinosaur: I think all of those episodes helped the audience see Gohan’s character development as he changed from a whimpy mama’s boy to a strong Saiyan warrior.

  4. Who could forget that god awful fight between Android 18 and Mighty Mask? Dear lord I thought that was the most boring, pointless fight in the whole series. Especially because it was smack dab in the middle of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and the Supreme Kai descending Babidi’s ship to get to Majin Buu’s pod. If you’re going to put in purposeless filler, at least don’t interrupt already awesome footage.

  5. Mostly I gotta give props for the list, however a good portion of it is character development…not to say its boring as hell. Especially waiting for the Frieza battle. But the learning to drive and saiyaman episodes were bullshit. But the Pterodactyls and goku falling into hell…thats just goku to a “T”. Same goes for the training and being away all the time. Ya hes a terrible father figure but hes doing what he loves most and protecting the earth. And we all know Goku lives to fight the strongest in the universe

  6. Honestly, DBZ is da best anime ever created…. Nt single shows of nowadays can stand even near to it…Nt BEn10…Avatar…whatsover!
    Man..check out the cool fights of full power super saiyan goku vs cell…astonishing…The part Both of them fight in the episode” No More Rules” is great with hardcore hand-to hand-combat as well as the episode “the fight is Over”..Im already 18…and still watchin it….Whatta show…Buu is the best Villain though i prefer Cell As the Perfect Warior… I mean Warrior…

  7. Why did goku took Uub to train somewhere else. He could take him to his home, with Chi-Chi, Gohan, Goten, Videl, and Pan. He would train at least Pan, Goten was a well-trained fighter as well as a half saiyan. But what about Pan, I’m sure she has more potential than Uub. But no, goku had to train Uub alone, because he want to fight with him in an even match one day. I don’t understand, why did he neglected his granddaughter. though I can’t say he neglected his family that much, because he could easily visit his home with Instant Transmission. But it’s ridiculous that a man/saiyan like Goku just had no interest to make his family stronger, while he always showed care for making gohan stronger and stronger than even him.

  8. ye agreed,dbz ending was rly lame,goku leaving his family behind,jeez,what was he thinking.Even vegeta doesnt do that.I keep wondering why goku is still pure of heart when he keeps neglecting his family so much.

  9. IU actually liked the garlic junior filler. 1. because we saw Gohan’s true power emerge several times (Gohan is my favorite character). 2. Krillin was useful in the fight against garlic, holding him off while piccolo regained strength (ironically, the kami-side story is what I hated MOST about it, well that and the way it ended). But you should do another major plot holes list. I don’t think you can get ten out, but these plot holes I think are the biggesst that you didn’t address in your last list:
    1. Zenkai disappears once super sayains are introduced.
    2. Zenkai on Namek are waaaaay too strong.
    3. The entire reason for trunks to return makes absolutely no sense. (Why did Goku all of a sudden become uninvolved in death? Why didn’t king kai tell bulma young gohan were new namek was just like he did for old namek? Certain Dr. briefs could build another ship like he did for Vegeta! Why didn’t Gohan become any stronger after THIRTEEN years of fighting the androids? Granted he didn’t have access to Gokuu’s/piccolo’s training, but you’d think after being badly beaten for 13 years he would eventually have grown strong enough to defeat them both; especially if he was able to survive that long. How do Gohan know the Kamehameha technique seeing as how he first learned it in the hyperbolic time chamber? Why didn’t Gohan eat the senzu bean and take trunks to the hospital? Surely losing an arm is a worse injury than getting knocked out like trunks did. How in the world does trunks know that the Androids of the present are stronger than the Androids of the future? They don’t emit a ki signature, and the brief battles he had with them are similar to the one in the present, they toyed with him and knocked him out. In the future, 18 was clearly playing with him. What happened to Gohan’s hidden power? Certainly seeing everyone he loves die and being beaten close to death would cause it to unleash itself? Why does cell say that he would have collected data from trunks but they had enough saiyan data?… … … Um, hate to break it to you cell but GOKUU killed Frieza in your timeline, not Trunks. If it was Trunks then that would be a MAJOR plothole, where did that trunks come from???)
    4. Gokuu’s kaiouken powerup on Namek doesn’t compute with the stated power levels.
    5. Most powerlevels are completely off, even in the show/manga.

  10. I debated putting the Garlic Jr plot onto the list, but there were still a few cool moments, and just giving Krillin a chance to do anything in a suit is great. Still, it’d be number 11 if the list kept going.

  11. The Garlic Jr Filler to me was the worst. The earth was vulnerable as hell lol. No vegeta, let alone goku. plus this was the only time when the main villian was weaker then the previous.

  12. It just didn’t feel like a very “happily ever after” sort of vibe with me. It felt disjointed and painted Goku as this completely uncaring father or friend who’s more interested in training some random strange for some random reason than spending his life with the people he supposedly loves very much. I don’t know, for a series that ran as long as it did, the ending just sort of seemed weak to me.

  13. That’s how it was intended to be though, a final conclusion to the story before the plans to make GT came up

    Its just some kind of “and they lived happily ever after” jig

  14. I still consider it filler because it didn’t really add anything to the core story. I know it was originally in the manga, but it was so hokey that it feels way out of place and disjointed from the rest of the story, as if it was intended to be a movie and not an actual mini-plot in the series.

  15. Well the tenkaichi budokai at the end isn’t exactly filler, since it was part of the original comic book

    A filler is something that’s added to the cartoon version that wasn’t in the comic book version

  16. GT’s end surprised me a lot because it sort of got me to want more again, somehow. The idea of a new generation made me think, “Hey, maybe they could continue the series with new characters?” DBZ’s ending though, that was just miserable.

    And for this list it was a tough time keeping things down to 10. I could have listed just about every filler instance but these ones stood out to me for one reason or another. Pretty much any time the series was dragging me along to the obvious “Cool Moments That Haven’t Happened Yet” would drive me crazy.

  17. PuppetDoctor on

    Oh dear I think my most hated filler has got to be #5 on your list. Oh, how much I hate and dread to even think about that ANNOYING filler of the fake Namek planet. I was so happy when I knew it wouldn’t be there in Dragon Ball Kai. I will never forget the first time I saw that filler. I knew something was odd and then was so mad when I realized I watched it all for nothing (first time seeing it I think was on VHS).

    I also hated the stupid filler when Goku had to exit his space ship to glue some missing metal. By that time I just wanted Goku to arrive already on Namek.

    I didn’t mind the driving episode much except for at the end when they saved the school bus. The other parts were funny I found.

    I think my most hated fillers really had to be during the time when Krillin, Bulma, and Gohan having to get to Namek. I also never liked the Snake Princess side plot which makes me remember something. I HATE so much when Goku fell into HELL (or HFIL). I wanted him to reach King Kai already and it was a needless filler once again.

    I hate the ending of Dragon Ball Z so much. One thing that makes me dislike Goku is how selfish he is (and he even admitted it thankfully after the Cell Games I think to Gohan at Kami’s Lookout). He up and left his wife and two sons to train Uub. What the heck when you think about it how much time did Gohan really get to spend with his Father anyways? Half the time he was dead or off on some training by choice.

    I realize you hate Dragon Ball GT (and I don’t like it for the most part although Vegeta’s mustache was hilarious) but the ending in my honest opinion was a million times better then in DBZ. At least it left some closure and it made me shed a tear.

    Great list it was definitely your most entertaining to read. If you got anymore fillers you hate then you should make a list or even a Top 10 funniest moments.

  18. Gus Townson on

    Dude, that was pretty funny.
    I thought the whole point of the bug planet episode was to help build dramatic tension by letting us actually see how bad ass Vegeta and Nappa were before they got to Earth, inevitably making us think “The Z warriors are screwed.”

    And I guess I got the same vibe from #6. It was the first instance the heroes ever heard of Frieza, and it was meant to make us think of Frieza as the terrible threat, but basically all it did was end up giving away who they were going to run into on Namek.

    But seriously, is it just me, or these fillers end up being the funniest moments on Team Four Star’s Dragon Ball Z Abridged Series?

    Also, when the heck are out going to watch Avatar? I wouldn’t keep bothering you about it unless I was absolutely positively sure that you would like it. The show has amazingly choreographed action scenes, stunning characters, and a plot that for the most part is very consistent with very few of these plot holes. It’s won Annie Awards three years in a row for a reason. It’s also got a Primetime Award, Emmy Award, a Peabody Award for it’s complex characters and how well it depicts the consequences of war. I’ve even convinced your best friend that it’s Awesome!

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