Transformers 2 Toys: Revenge of the Fallen


optimus-prime-transformers-2-toyTo coincide with the release of Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen, Hasbro has unleashed an impressive line of action figures. Similar to the toy line produced with the first movie, children are now able to play with their favorite Autobots or Decepticons.

However, this time the toys are more detailed, catering to true Transformer aficionados, as well as more varied in age groups to help parents decide which is the safest or best for their children.

For example, many of the new figures are smaller and more child-friendly, with simple or no transformations at all.  With a wide variety of characters, Hasbro’s newest generation of toys even includes some character who did not appear in the film.

Transformer Toys for Younger Kids

Toys that cater to a younger audience include the Robot Heroes and the Power Bots.  The Robot Heroes come in pairs, with one Autobot and one Decepticon. These action figures are non-transforming and cannot be posed in alternate positions, ensuring safety with the toys.


This Bumbleebee Powerbot is perfect for younger fans

The Power Bots are also non-transforming, but are larger and feature electronic lights and sound effects.  Among these Power Bots is Devastator, one of the most awe-inspiring Transformers from the film that is comprised of at least six different Decepticons.

BumbleBee is a favorite among younger kids too.  In fact, he is the most sought-after character in the entire line.

Also, check out the Robot Replicas that are similar to the Robot Heroes, but are larger and are packaged individually, retailing for less than $15.

Gravity Bots are also a unique option as they are three-inch vehicles that transform automatically when tilted upright. Individually these retail for about $15, but you can also buy the entire wave for less than $100.

Classic Transformer Toys

Don’t worry, if you are a true fans of the movie, plenty of characters from the film will not disappoint, especially fan favorites like Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Bumblebee.


Voyager class Megatron, Larger than Ever

These classic figures are the crux of the toy line: the Deluxe Class, comprised of 24 characters, each with more complex transformations and individual moving parts. While the majority of characters are present in the film, several characters will be new to more recent fans, but familiar to those of us who remember playing with Transformers 20 years ago.

The Voyager Class has the same features as the Deluxe, but the figures are larger, even more detailed, and include the more popular characters, retailing for less than $30.

I know these toys will keep their value because of the great detail and fun transformations. And despite the multiple moving parts, they are still plenty safe and will undoubtedly be enjoyed by young fans of the movie too.


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