Cloud B Twilight Turtle: Guest Review by Sharayah Pranger


Warning: May induce contented yawns.

If your toddler is between the ages of 2 and 20, it is likely that she is going through a scared-of-the-dark phase. One of the most common solutions (aside from camping out in your child’s bedroom to stave off the boogey-man) is the soothing comfort of a night-light. A company called Cloud B has a wide range of products to help your little one start slumbering, sans tears. One of the most enchanting products is the Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light- it’s a sweet plush sea turtle (there are also land turtle and ladybug options) with a hard shell that projects stars onto the walls and ceiling.

Effective and Educational

One of the sweetest things about this already-adorable sea turtle is that it’s educational! Not only does it come with a star guide to help you identify the constellations shown in the projection, but there are also 5 endangered sea animals pictured on the hand-painted shell: a Blue Whale, a California Sea Otter, a Knysna Seahorse, a Leatherback Turtle and a Vaquita Dolphin. The animals light up individually, and are so cute and comforting that your child won’t even realize they’ve been tricked into learning something! The night-light also comes with a Twilight Sea Turtle storybook- just the thing to help your child wind down before switching off the lights and switching on the stars.


The shell itself illuminates in blue, green, or a combination of the two colors, and as well as the star projection, it is on a 45-minute sleep timer to save battery power (3 AAA batteries are included). The shell has the potential to break if treated roughly, but it’s fine for supervised use in bedrooms of children 3 and older. For best results it is suggested that the turtle is placed in the middle of the floor, but this also presents the potential for the turtle and its fragile shell to get stepped on in the dark by a sleepy parent or child, so keep that in mind when purchasing. If placed on a nightstand or dresser, the stars may not project as evenly over the entire room.

Other toys in the Cloud B lineup include the Sleep Sheep, which emits nature sounds (always my favorite at bedtime), the Lavender Lab with scented lavender (commonly used in pillows and bath products to promote relaxation) and many other sleep- related products for children and the parents who must put them to bed. You can get the Twilight Turtle on Amazon right now for very little money.

Just wook at this widdle puppy! You NEED him! I need him!


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