Review of Baby’s First Blocks by Fisher Price


babys-first-blocks-fisher-priceBaby’s First Blocks from Fisher-Price is a new twist on an old favorite.
Remember that shape sorter?
I sure do.  I remember playing with it for hours with my younger brother and, more recently, have spent countless hours doing the same thing with my daughter.

Baby’s first blocks has basic shapes (triangle, circle, square, star) as well as an “x” shape for sorting.

What makes this feature so perfect for younger children is that  it sorts only on one side – the top – making it easier for early learners to sort without turning the toy over and over.

Sorting is Toddlers’ Favorite Thing to Do

Around 8 to 18 months a child’s favorite activity becomes putting items into other things.  That love is combined here with introduction to color and shape basics as well as pattern recognition.  The shapes are sorted through the top slots and drop into a bucket where they can stay or be joyously dumped onto the floor to do it all over again.

The lid comes off very easily so that little ones can do it all themselves.  However, if sorting is the parents’ main objective, it might be useful to secure the lid onto the bucket so that simply dropping shapes into the lidless bucket is not an option.

Passes the Toddler Chew Test too

Another favorite activity at this age is chewing on just about everything in sight.  Time and again Fisher-Price has proven the test of chewy-durability and  this toy is no exception (honestly though, I did not chew on it to find out).

The shapes have easy to grasp and hold edges that are built for stacking too.  Probably though the caregivers will end up doing the stacking and the kids will laugh in wonder as they knock down tower after tower.

The bucket has a handle so that those active little ones can take this toy with them and the bold colors offer visual stimulation as well.  It’s not too expensive and Fisher-Price products are available nearly everywhere, so this ends up being a good toy on many levels.

Find Baby’s First Blocks by Fisher Price here.


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  1. Could you please help me with finding info on the history of the babyblocks Im doing a critique of a toy and choose the babyblocks to write up on but cant find when they were first made and were
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  2. at this age, the baby’s critical area in it’s brain is constantly expanding.It is thus critical to have such games around that promote this critical area expansion

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