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At the International Toy Fair held in February 2009, the Toy Industry Association awarded Bakugan its 2008 honor as Toy of the Year, Boy Toy of the Year, and Property of the Year.  While these awards are not necessarily for the game itself, they do show the popularity of the cartoon/toys in general and lead one to understand the catching popularity of the Bakugan in its many forms.

Fans of the show Bakungan are sure to love most toys associated with its characters, but this game ends up being a bit of an addiction for fans and newbies alike.  (Beware: Some parents have even admitted that they enjoy playing this game with the kids!)

How to Play Bakugan

This collectable card game teaches a bit of strategy and skill since the players must place the cards strategically and aim the balls so that they pop open when landing on the appropriate magnetic cards.  The balls are magnetic and the card sets come with some magnetic cards (Gate Cards) and non-magnetic cards (Ability Cards).  Accessories like the play arena and ball launchers are not necessary to play the game, but can add to the fun.

Bakugan Battle packs come with balls and cards enough to share and play (battle) together.  Starter sets can be used to update to a new series or to start a new collection of Bakugan.  Of course, booster packs are also available to expand a set with the most recent series cards.

Each set comes with Gate Cards and Ability Cards.  Sometimes finding these toys in stores can be difficult due to their popularity, but you can find Bakugan Battle Packs here.  Since this is a collectible game there are plans for updates and changes with each series released.


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  1. It is a a fun game to play! Plus if the kids are too young to really understand the official rules they still have fun making up their own rules. Trading them is always a big hit!

  2. It’s a good think if you are able to get your kids to play a game that relies on strategy and skill rather than have them veg out in front of the television for endless hours.

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