Preschool Toy of the Year Nominations


Don’t forget that the International Toy Fair is coming up in a few weeks in New York. I can’t make it in person, but we will definitely be tuning in to which toys are rewarded by the industry.

Here’s the finalized list of contenders for my favorite category (followed by manufacturer):

Infant/Preschool Toy of the Year:

  • Brightlings™ Exploration Station – LeapFrog Enterprises
  • Cook n’ Learn Interactive Kitchen Set – Little Tikes
  • iPlay Lift Off Rocket – International Playthings, Inc.
  • Moon Sand Adventure Island – Spin Master Ltd.
  • “T.M.X.”™ Friends – Fisher-Price

We are rooting for the Moon Sand kit. The sand mixture stays moist so it is easy to build sandcastles at your child’s leisure. Yes, “moon sand” is little on the messy side, but sand is isn’t dirty, it’s sandy. It vacuums up if need be (but watch out with bagless vacuum cleaners – the moistness factor can make the sand mixture get clogged).

Still, this toy is our pick for Toddler/Preschool Toy of the Year because it really lets kids’ imaginations run wild. That is always worth a mess!


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