Toy Review: the Bioshock 2 Big Daddy Plush Doll


Video games breed better toys. I consider this a fact. After all, toy-peddlers need to compete with all of those moving images, sounds, and moments of euphoria that come with beating a boss.

This brings me to Bioshock 2 by 2K games.  If you are not familiar with the game, just add an engaging story, fun gameplay, and slightly psychotic characters running around.  That said, I’m perplexed by the Big Daddy plush doll from “Bioshock 2.” This insanely detailed bugger looks exactly like Little Sister’s ramshackle doll that she carries around, featuring a baseball head and a corkscrew arm. But why did they chose to make plush dolls for a violent, M-rated game?

It’s clearly not for kids to cuddle with –no– this is for adult fans of the game series.

The Big Daddy doll looks beautiful, just like its on-screen counterpart (you know, in that Tim Burton/punk rock way). Most of the doll is good old-fashioned textiles, but there are some plastic parts too. The style of the game really shines in this soft toy, and if you are a big fan of “Bioshock,” or maybe someone wants to be Little Sister for Halloween, than this doll would certainly be up your alley.

At $25, Big Daddy plush is most suitable as a conversation item, or something to round out a collection. I’ve personally paid much more than that for a less-than-reputable item for a collection (let’s just say I still haven’t watched my DVD box set of “21 Jump Street”). So if you must own every piece of “Bioshock” memorabilia, snag it.

If you don’t, I’d say you should just get the game and check out the weird subterranean universe 2K has created.


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