Ugly Dolls Are Sugar-Free

PugLee - my daughter's favorite Ugly Doll

PugLee - my daughter's favorite Ugly Doll

I needed a Valentine’s Day gift for my daughter last year, but roses weren’t right and I didn’t want a balloon floating around the house for a week on the floor.

When I found the Ugly Dolls, I found a toy that gives my daughter the giggles and restores my sense of peace at those moments when a gift is expected.

Ugly Dolls solves another issue too: the problem of sugar.

I love to give my kid gifts for holidays, but I am not interested in handing out piles of candy every month. Who doesn’t love candy at Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter?   But there has to be a better standard than creating the expectation for junk food as a celebration.

Enter Ugly Dolls.  Holiday favors and stocking stuffers have gotten a lot easier since I became an Ugly Dolls junkie.   There are so many different shapes and sizes – probably twenty-five individual designs.  I have even found some t-shirts online with these little characters on them.  Check out the website for the Ugly Dolls too – it has games and downloadable wallpaper as well as interesting “facts” about each character.

These cute dolls are available in miniature key chain form, regular size, and giant (for those needing or deserving some extra cuddles).  They have creative names and adorable faces.  There are special editions of a lot of the characters and the stories behind the characters are fun to share.

Tray - so ugly he's adorable

My favorite of all time is Tray, but my little girl loves PugLee.  She’ll have the key chains clipped to her purses and bags and they somehow get clipped to mine too.  She’ll snuggle up with one and decide which one deserves to be given to a friend for a gift.

We haven’t gotten into the books yet, but there are three “guides” available about all the Ugly Dolls and they even have their own annual convention.

So, of course, we still have candy around during these holidays and special events, but now the focus isn’t the candy.  What a relief! Less candy but without a lot of trouble is a mother’s dream come true.


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