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Ugly Dolls are soon to take over! These plush pets are one of the most original stuffed animals we have seen in a long time. And they are growing in popularity every month.

What is it about Ugly Dolls that makes them so attractive? And, yet, so ugly? The toy design is a brilliant combination of cuteness with traditional scary features. Think Where the Wild Things Are meets Cabbage Patch Kids.

To be honest, Ugly Dolls are not really ugly, they are just misunderstood! Watch out, though, they are also biters.

We love Ugly Dolls because they are still handmade just as they were when first introduced in 2002. Each doll is absolutely unique due to the slight variations that come with making toys the old-fashioned way.

Ugly Dolls also supports small and independent toy retailers, although now they can be found at some US national retailers, including Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters. So finding Ugly Dolls for sale is getting easier every day.

Another reason why Ugly Dolls are the little darlings of the stuffed animal market is that each Ugly Doll has a unique personality. A tag comes with each Ugly Doll for sale that describes the adorable (and weird) habits of the bizarre and cuddly creature.

Pics of Ugly Dolls – Our Personal Favorites

There are 20 Ugly Doll varieties right now, and more to come. Here are some of our favorites.

Chuckanucka is one of the first Uglys. He worries a lot and has a lot of questions about things that can drive most of us nuts. Worrying has never been so adorable.

Tray is the brainy Ugly. She is also obsessed with blueberry pie and is always hungry. But her three brains keep her busy, usually with schemes of finding more pie!

Icebat lives in the freezer, inside a secret ice cave. He’s pretty chill, and only wants to hang out (and preferably upside down). Like all Ugly Dolls, of course, Ice Bat loves children.

Babo has a heart of gold but not much self-control. It’s best to keep an eye on him when he is around. Babo loves to do favors for people, although the end results are usually not what his friends had in mind. Babo tries hard, so give him a hug.

Moxy is a high energy Ugly with a lot of moxy. The best place to find Moxy is jumping off the walls and racing circles around the house. She also has the ability to find a party that is miles away, thanks to her gigantic mis-shapen ears.

Ugly Dog is the ultimate ugly pet. He’s sort of lazy, but really enjoys helping his friends out… by sitting around and being Ugly. It’s not a bad life.

Lastly, (how could we forget?): Cinko!  This Ugly is pretty special because he is allergic to water!  We’re not really sure how that is possible, but it makes Cinko’s daily life a little…. dry.  The best way to keep Cinko happy is to sit him down and make sure that there are a bunch of dry things around, like rocks, dirt, and sandpaper.  If you can’t find any of those, watching a little TV couldn’t hurt.  Just don’t accidently spill water on him – he gets very grumpy and a little freaked out!  And whatever you do, don’t remind Cinko that all human friends are made of 90% water.  Not funny at all.


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  1. My Cinko didn’t come with a personality tag. None of the Cinkos did! Are they all different? Or are all the Cinko’s personalites the same? If they are all different what do the personalites include?

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