Toy Wagons Keep on Rollin’


The toy wagon is a wonderful toy that has been popular for over a century – and perhaps longer.  These toys are more than a throw-back to simpler times.  In truth, a toy wagon is a practical device that will remain useful as children grow and completely change their interests.

Toy wagons are perfect for hauling stuffed animals to the next tea party, and equally as perfect for transporting rocks, mud, or clay for some old-fashioned earthy fun.  If several children want to use the wagon for different purposes, just hose it out, and it is ready for double duty.

Kids like to feel useful, and a good wagon also can come in handy if you are doing some landscaping work at home.  Hauling leaves, grass clippings, or a fresh container of seasonal flowers are kid-sized jobs that let them feel like they are part of the team.

And, best of all, don’t forget how much fun it is for a child to be pulled in the wagon too!


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