3 Classic Board Game Apps Worth the Download


I was pleasantly surprised to learn not too long ago (I know, I’m behind on the times) that you could play board games on your devices. Given the direction of things it makes sense that the board game industry would want to jump on the app wagon, a worthy attempt to stay ‘relevant’.

Some of these games are better than others- and sadly- I don’t believe any of them are free. Fortunately, they’re nowhere near as expensive as the board game itself.



This is my favorite game to play on my phone, hands down. It’s easily one of my favorite games in general, to be honest, because I love word games! Though if you’ve kept up with my blogs you already knew that.

There really isn’t too much of a deviation from the board game except you can connect with friends online and play them. You can also get matched with a random opponent, play a computer or what is called ‘Pass N Play’- where you hand off your device amongst your friends in the same room. That’s their way of encouraging your friends to play the board game with you in the same room but on a phone. Too funny!

All in all it’s a great app that allows you to do much more than you ever imagined Scrabble could be!


I may get some grief for this one because I have found not as many people seem

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to dig this game like me. The Checkers Premium app for iPhone leaves much to be desired if you are looking for a lot of bells and whistles. Despite being called “premium” there really aren’t that many features to justify it.

That being said, if you’re into the game itself that’s all you need. I can admit honestly even though I enjoy playing- I basically lose every time… playing the computer is far from rewarding. However I just imagine myself playing my brother or something and all is right in the world. Just because I enjoy playing games doesn’t mean I’m much good at them!

There are at least 10 different Checkers apps available for the iPhone alone- each with many features and more options than Checkers Premium. If you’re a fan of the game check out the apps!

Monopoly (Here & Now Edition)

I’ve got to say they did a good job bringing Monopoly to the devices! I am not Monopoly’s biggest fan so it hurt a little bit to purchase the app- for fear of the fact that I’d never play it (or get so angry at it I’d smash my phone).


But I’ve got to say, there’s something so cool about seeing the board and pieces animated and in 3D. There’s an odd charm to watching the game play ‘for you’, it’s a whole new experience really. I enjoy the fact that they will set different goals for you so you can ‘win’ in new ways (fill your passport, player with the most stamps etc).   I think it’s really cool how you can connect to a TV, have the “board” there and have your friends (in real life) use their devices to take their turns. It’s the kind of forward thinking you hope to see for a classic industry like “board games”. I really love what they’ve thought up to fit into this new scene.

Quite frankly this app made it possible for me to enjoy the premise of Monopoly again. Reading the reviews I can see that many feel as though they have been repeatedly wronged by the ‘computer’ opponent- but tell me, what game have you ever played (Nintendo or otherwise) where the computer lets you win?! Cmon now.



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