5 Board Games That Take You Back to Childhood


As you know every week I review random board games (most which I have never played before)… While that is an absolute blast, I thought it would be cool to take a look back to my childhood (roughly from 1998-2007) – when board games were all the rage with me and my friends. Every time I sit down to play a game now, I experience a second or two of my childhood. If we lost power, games by candlelight. If we had a group of friends over, pulling all nighters- we played games… We played Nintendo too, don’t get me wrong-  but there was always something extra fun about board games!

Clearly I was one of the cool kids.

5. Operation

operSome of my earliest board game memories involve me trying to pull weird looking bones from a weird looking mans chest. It’s a game that I could probably still find fun today, but looking back it was a great test of skill and patience. If I were to pull it out now I’m sure it would be ‘easier’ than I found it then… Plus the buzz that happens when you screw up and hit the side probably wouldn’t freak me out as much as it used to. Apparently for me, hurting even a fictional character was stressful haha.

Regardless, this game was great with family and friends. It was simple, straight to the point- and so original. It’s not something I would ask all my friends to come over to play these days, but the thought of it sends me straight back to elementary school.

4. Battleshipbattle

If you never played Battleship as a child I don’t think we can be friends. I always held one grudge against the game, which is that it was best (and really only playable) with two people. Either way, I can’t tell you how many times I would play this with both my brother and random friends throughout my youth. There was something so addictive to the concept of hiding your ships from your opponent and guessing where they were.

Every strike on your opponents ship felt like a victory on it’s own- but that last blow? Priceless. Again, not a game I would pull out of the closet any time soon- but it is one I have associated many memories with and easily recall simpler times upon its mention.

3. Trouble

troubleI must have played Trouble hundreds of times when I was a kid. It must have been the “pop-o-matic” bubble or something- I don’t know. In reality it is such a simple little game; move your peg around the board back to your “color block” before everyone else… Try not to get caught by an opponent or else you’re headed back to the beginning!

Is that what the appeal was with these “childhood” games? Simple, competitive, easy to understand- and paired with little gimmicks like a fun bubble to push? Either way I’m not complaining, when I have kids you know I’m bringing this game out.

2. Monopoly

If you read my review a few months ago about Monopoly, you would know I did not enjoy myself. I can’t say the same for the kid version of me, back in the day. I thought this game was awesome. It made me feel like an adult managing money and property- it made me feel like I knew something. Paying taxes, going to jail and all that jazz didn’t bother me the way it did a few months ago- I didn’t know any better.monop

I remember being little and loving that the game took so long to play. It was a classic excuse to get out of chores haha “Sorry ma, can’t vacuum until I win this game!”. Hours would melt away and while I didn’t always win, I always came out of each game feeling very entertained. This was probably the most complicated game I played in my youth, in terms of strategy, foresight and patience. It’s definitely at a higher level than Trouble or Battleship, that’s for sure. Either way I look back on this game with very fond memories- I just have no desire to play it again any time soon 😉

1. CandyLand

candylandAh yes, THE game of my childhood. This may have been the very first board game I ever played- and it may be the reason why I love board games in the first place. Candyland was (and always will be) so magical. The artwork is wonderful, the concept is fulfilling- and overall gameplay is engaging. I think by default the candy theme make the entire game “sweet”.

Whether you were a little boy or a girl I am willing to bet you played this game multiple times with your friends and family. I vividly remember the first time I played it and couldn’t believe how colorful and enchanting it felt. I realized that if all games have the same power to take you somewhere else, then I would be a board game fan for life… looks to be true at this point! Although I’m not sure I’ve ever found a game as delicious as Candyland… 🙂


Do you feel as though I’m missing some games? Or perhaps there are others out there that you would consider to be more telling of your childhood- if so- please share! I would love to know what games you associate with your youth 🙂


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