“76 Greatest Board Games of All Time”… That I Never Heard Of…


So I’m taking this quiz- which asks which of the 76 board greatest board games ever I have heard of and played. I feel obligated to share with you the list of the 76 games, in hopes that some of you will share my sentiment. ┬áHonestly- is there anyone out there who has heard of these?! Asterisks next to the ones I am baffled by.

Now I never claimed to be a “board game geek” to the point that I know of every little game, publisher etc. but this was a true reality slap for me. I’m going to make a serious effort to order as many of these games as possible (probably through BGE) and play them so I can knock some of the asterisks off of this list!!! Some of these are bound to not be my style but there’s only one way to find out!!!

Tell me, which games from this list had you never heard of?!


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