Amazon Best Selling Board Games: What year is it?


So out of curiosity I went over to Amazon to see what the best selling board games are. I figured after all these years, there’s bound to be a few I hadn’t heard of that have won the hearts of younger generations. I suppose it didn’t occur to me that perhaps the number of new board games vs. video games is far from piefaceequal… leaving the oldies to remain the “goodies” if you will.

The first listed best seller? Pie Face. Are you familiar? Personally, I haven’t played this yet … but is it really even a game? From the description I get the sense it is a lot like Don’t Wake Daddy- essentially a chance game and nothing more, except this time you get pie in the face…?  Doesn’t really look like much of a board game to me but hey, whatever the people want, right Amazon?

The second game listed is no surprise on my end- a classic I’ve already covered here actually! The bewilderingly sweet adventure candylandgame, Candyland. Given that I recently wrote about how this game takes me back to my childhood, I’m pleased to see others agree. This game is truly timeless. From the concept to theartwork- it’s a game I know many people treasure even after years and years.

Third is Connect Four- which, was pretty surprising to me. Maybe it’s the demographics that use Amazon for games that caused this one to be up so high, or maybe I was just never as big of a fan of this one as others that I expected to see. It’s not that the game is bad at all- I understand the appeal. The obvious competitive edge in that your opponent is trying to thwart your ability to connect four of your colored pieces, and you them.connect-4 I guess it just always went by so quickly to me since the board filled up so fast. Who knows, all I do know is I didn’t expect to see this game listed on the first page let alone in the top 5. Do you agree?

let's go fishinThe fourth best selling board game on Amazon is Let’s Go Fishing. I’ll be honest with you- I completely forgot this game existed until I saw it here!! I definitely played this when I was much, much younger – which makes sense because it’s a pretty basic game perfect for little kids. I remember so clearly desperately wanting to catch more fish than anybody else but getting frustrated when I couldn’t get them to latch. I have an odd memory of my game breaking though, but perhaps it had to do with my brother- he never did like it when I won 😉

Last but not least? The Game of Life. Hm. Another one that has been mentioned here on this blog before- and for me, it didn’t rate so high. Maybe it’s just that I had been impressed with other games at the time. game of lifeMaybe it’s because I never really caught on to this one… I guess I am too much of a realist to even temporarily allow a board game to suggest my future when even I can’t do that? Who knows, haha! Either way this is clearly in demand still- whether folks end up loving it or not is another matter.

So there it is, most of these games are at least 12-15 years old- not what I would have expected. I guess it goes to show you that people stick to what they know! Makes sense though, I’m sure even my children will play my favorite games before they discover their own 😉




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