Perfection: A Childhood Favorite I Forgot About (but not a fan as an adult!)


When I’m waiting for my next shipment of Board Games, I will often take to Google or Amazon to see what is out there- both new and old. I was surprised to see a game I forgot about a long time ago- Perfection! Sure it wasn’t the best or even the most in demand game (at least for me) at a younger age, and as I look back now I’m surprised it is even considered a classic.

I don’t mean to say that this isn’t a fun game for kids to play because it absolutely is, I remember. But it is literally as basic as a game could ever be. You have a limited window of time to place all of the pieces on the board before it pops and shoots all of the shapes out. That’s really about it.

It is marketed in such a way that lets older people (adults) know it’s best for children learning how to properly place shapes in the correct spot- but it also says “fun for the whole family”… I’m not sure how that could possibly be? I don’t have kids so maybe I’m just biased or envisioning the worst case scenario- but from my perspective- I keep imagining excessive frustration as the clock runs out before your younger opponents finish filling up the board. I also imagine extreme boredom from family members and siblings/young friends as they wait for their turn to play… Mind you I know EVERY board game requires taking turns but at least you can be strategizing or planning your next move. With this game you’re literally just waiting and hoping your speed and accuracy can improve enough over each try.

This is a good example of how childhood can warp your memory until you relive certain things as an adult. I probably loved Perfection, and probably enjoyed the “skill development” that it promotes- but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this for my future children. I think there will be better ways to introduce them to shapes and timing.


6.5 Almost Awesome

Good for the right age but pretty lame otherwise- sorry to be such a negative nelly on this one!


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