Snow Tails Boardgame Coming To Shelves Soon


Popular board games are ones that balance risk, skill, and chance.  This “magic bullet” for board games seems to be in order for The Lamont Brothers’ upcoming release: Snow Tails.

The game is for ages 12 and up, and playing time averages 45 minutes.  That’s also perfect for keeping the kids occupied while someone is in the kitchen making dinner.

The premise of the game is a competition amongst players to survive the arctic racetrack without getting too many “dents” in the dog sled along the way.  Play is moderated with player cards, and it’s up to the player to apply it to the racing team or let it go back to the pile.  Or should we say the dog pile?

I’m looking forward to Snow Tails particularly because the game course can be configured afresh every time you play. Players design the level of difficulty for the boardgame’s lay-out by deciding where to place straight-aways, chasms, trees, and other obstacles. There are literally hundreds of combinations so the game play is guaranteed to stay interesting for a long time. At least until the dogs come home.

Snow Tails is set for release before the year’s end.


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  1. I read the review over at Board Game Geek by Stewart Woods and it seems to be a pretty fun game. Always a big fan of any board game where you can knock your opponents out with your pieces. This YouTube video was kind of sad. It’s like watching a big movie trailer that only has words and little substance. It seems the LaMont brothers could have done better than this to hype up the game.

    I usually wait until games pop up on eBay since I’m not a big fan of laying down $76.95 for a bored game of this cost. I’m debating it since my wife is a boardgame-aholic. We have over 150 different ones stcked up in the shed right now (not including the 20 fave in the house.)

    Can’t wait to see this one in person. Hopefully one of my buddies will buy this and save me the money 🙂

    Bryon McSween

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