A Retrospective on Trivial Pursuit the Board Game

No, not "Genius" Edition. "Genus." You just learned something.

No, not "Genius" Edition. "Genus." You just learned something.

If you’re talking Trivial Pursuit, you mean the Genus Edition, the classic edition, the hardcore edition. I’ve never met anyone that can play Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition at a masterful level.

I have found people that know a few things, but no one that destroys lives via their pursuit of the trivial. So should you play Trivial Pursuit, knowing darn well that you may not be very good at it? You’re darn right you should.

Trivial History

Let us go back a few years to 1979, (you remember 1979, right?). One night two Canadian gentlemen by the names of Scott Abbott and Chris Haney wanted to play Scrabble, but they discovered that too many pieces were missing. So they did what anyone else would have done and invented their own game.

Okay, just think of how smart these guys must have been, alright? When you can’t find all the pieces to Clue, do you think to yourself, “You know good chums, I do believe we shall play a game that tests our knowledge at a level beyond the heads of most learned men!” No, you search for Candyland and call it a day. These two guys went ahead and invented a game that made an entire generation feel stupid and STILL people play it. Genius!

Trivial Pursuit Rules

Fun fact: This actually ruins families rather than brings them together.

Fun fact: This actually ruins families rather than brings them together.

If you haven’t played Trivial Pursuit in a while here are the rules: Someone asks you a question and you fumble around unless magically you actually know the answer.

Okay, yes, you roll a die to move and when you land on a colored space you must answer a trivia question relating to the category. Blue is Geography, pink is Entertainment, yellow is History, brown is Arts & Literature, green is Science & Nature, and orange is Sports & Leisure, (remember those in case one of the questions is, “What color is History associated with?”).

If somehow you answer a question correctly, you will be given a colored wedge to fit into your marker. When you have one wedge from each category you must move into the center of the board and answer a trivia question selected by the other players before you can win the game.

Naturally, the other players always select the category you know the least from because they aren’t really your friends and don’t really want to see you succeed.

Trivial Editions

Disney equalizes everything.

Disney equalizes everything.

I am not very good at Trivial Pursuit. I enjoy playing now and then, but I don’t know much about anything (unless I give a recommendation; those are spot-on). I do my best but most of the questions blow right over my head. There is hope for me yet as there are multiple editions geared towards more specific things, such as Lord of the Rings, Saturday Night Live, and the always popular Disney Edition, also known as the Great Equalizer since I stand by my claim that everyone knows enough about Disney to hold their own in a game based around Disney knowledge.

Kids will always have a harder time than most when it comes to Trivial Pursuit, but not to worry as there are editions made specifically for kids, such as the Junior Players Edition or the Kids Nickelodeon Edition. You can and will find a version that suits your needs, but don’t expect a version for absolutely everything like Scene-It? or Monopoly will deliver.


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