The Twilight Board Game – An Honest Review


twilight-board-gameThe Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer has infected vampire-lovers of all ages.  The young adult trilogy about a high school girl making some tough decisions has become a movie with plenty of fans, managing to reach even more people when it hit the big screen. With more fans comes more fun and games for those who love this story. My favorite of these games is the Twilight Board Game which, in essence, is a trivia game.

The more players the better with this game since many of the questions have to do with the other players.  The trivia involved is not just about the movie, but conflicting story-lines between the book and movie details, giving fresh answers to the true Twilight aficionados.

The board is covered with stills from the movie with short descriptions of the shot (“Forks” or “the cliffs”) and the goal is to move around the board collecting scene cards while correctly answering the trivia questions and challenges.  The basic idea of the game is pretty simple to grasp once the game gets rolling.

twilight-game-open-boardIf you’re a seasoned board game player, you’ll get the hang of it fast.  However, there have been complaints about the thoroughness of the included instructions.

The game pieces are cutouts of the Cullen family crest and, while not terribly sturdy, they are not integral to the game itself & can be easily replaced with pieces from other games when they crumble from excessive use.

Age range on this game is 8-15 which is perhaps a bit young for some of the content from the movie which is rated PG-13.  Since knowing the movie is a necessary part of the game it seems a bit strange to me that they’d have a game for children five years younger than the recommended viewing age.

My final thought: this is a great game for hard-core Twilight fans, but it does not have a creative enough game play  for those who couldn’t care one way or the other about the fate of the characters…


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