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 I’m not sure if I can say enough good things about this week’s board game. I’m a huge fan of word games, so I had pretty high hopes. I’m happy to say Word on the Street by Out of the Box Publishing  – surpassed every possible expectation! It’s a simple, fast pace game that forces you to be on your feet (sometimes, literally!). Whether playing with two people or ten, I can 100% guarantee there will be plenty of  laughter, chaos and trickery to go around.

The Gist

Word on the Street board gamesWhen I said this game was simple, I wasn’t kidding. The rectangle board is a big picture two long streets, one side for each team. There are spaces down the middle for the letter tiles to sit on.  Each game will come with a stack of cards (and a holder for them) with a description on each side- blue/green. Each team is a color and will only concern themselves with the phrase on their side of the card. There is also a small little plastic hourglass. That’s it.

The first team to go will have the hourglass tipped by their opponents, draw a card and read the phrase aloud. Teammates will decide which single word fits the description, and best serves their motives – which, by the way, is to collect 8 letter tiles before the other team.  Each letter in the chosen ‘word’ slides one space closer to the edge of the board toward the ‘team on the street’ until it falls off and becomes a point.

How’s Your Vocabulary?

Word on the Street

“Something that stretches”….

I think the most entertaining aspect of this game is the fact that you are forced to dig within the depths of your mind to make each turn as productive as possible. Vowels are missing from the letter tiles, so a lot of the “obvious” or “easy” answers probably have letters that aren’t on the board… You need to find an answer that is both valid, and contains enough moves so you can sway the letters needed your way (or away from your opponents side). The questions will have you thinking about things you probably haven’t needed to in years.

You could argue you aren’t given enough time to make good choices- but perhaps that’s exactly the point! Your vocab agility will be tested and it is truly hilarious. Not to mention watching the other team scramble is of equal fun.

The team ‘off the street’ has the option to ‘help’ by offering suggestions.  I personally chose not to interject, as usually people are so caught up figuring out the word (and in some cases, trying to SPELL it RIGHT!) – will miss letters they could have moved on the board. Time runs out and only after do they realize their screw up. If you’re more kind than me, you’ll make exceptions- but when I’m playing a game- if time is up, time is up!

Final Word.. ha.

Word on the Street is easily one of my favorites out of all the games I’ve played recently. I love the fast pace, the way your brain is challenged.. The fact that you can catch yourself misspelling the dumbest words, feel so rushed you forget to claim moves, and laugh so hard at the overall chaos- I can’t wait to play it again! It really brings out that competitive edge I always refer to. It’s perfect for a party, family get together, or just a casual competition on a whim. Thanks again to Board Game Exchange for making it possible for me to play these fantastic games on a budget!

As long as you’re playing with people ages 13+, this is a great hysterical option. I could have played this forever- which, given the large amount of cards available, the game could go on for a good long while before you want to quit.Word On The Street Game

Rating Break-down
1-4 Too Much Awful
5-7.5- Not So Awesome
7.6-8.5 Almost Awesome
8.6-9.4 – Awesome!
9.5-10- Too Much Awesome!
9.7 Totally Awesome

If you love team oriented, fast pace, clever word games- go buy Word on the Street. I had so much fun being under pressure trying (sometimes struggling) to come up with the best answers so I could win. You will make so many mistakes and look so silly and as a result the laughs are endless. This is great with 2 people but it's an explosive with more. Strongly competitive people will have a great time. If there are ways to improve the game, I don't really care about them because I walk away from this game with only great thoughts!

  • Concept: 10
  • Presentation: 9
  • Longevity: 9.8
  • Gameplay: 10

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