LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Teaches with Ease


leapfrog-fridge-phonics-alphabetThe LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set is a toy that manages to withstand lots of repeat play and keeps the kids occupied for a long time. As most parents know, these are both wonderful things.

My little girl got one of these on her first birthday and has enjoyed playing the music button for years now. The letter magnets are fun for her to play with on the fridge even though she didn’t know them as letters for a long time.

The recommended age range is from 2-5 years although I think they’ll probably still be on the fridge for years beyond that. Now that she is older she enjoys telling me all about the letters, playing their songs, and then dancing to the alphabet song.

On the base of the Leapfrog Phonics is a volume switch with two settings, but we found that it was still a bit too loud so we put some tape over the speaker to make it even more quiet (we do this with most toys honestly). The letter songs are a bit addictive and I find myself singing them while all alone in the store hours later.

Find LeapFrog Fridge Phonics here.

Why LeapFrog Phonics is So Effective
Repetition is useful in reinforcing the letter sounds. The songs are the same ones we have on other LeapFrog Alphabet toys like the bus, which is useful for the repetition factor. Kids hear the same song and same voice in different toys which increases the lesson learned rather than requiring a change in focus for a new presentation. LeapFrog Phonics takes advantage of this learning style and is an easy way for children to learn letters and written words without “hard” study.


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