Brain Age: Dozens of Celebrities Can’t Be Wrong

Simple and Cheap=Perfect

Simple and Cheap = Perfect

Brain Age! What a game! In case you haven’t been paying attention to the world, Nintendo has been making quite a name for themselves by means of making games for their two major consoles that…aren’t technically “games” as the hardcore community sees fit.

Thus far, Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day and Brain Age 2: The Revenge of Brain Age (not actual title), have been released on the Nintendo DS and each stormed the sales charts for the past two years. Celebrities have done commercials and plugs for the games. You should know they exist by now. If you don’t, time to learn.

The entire concept of the Brain Age games revolves around simple exercises that supposedly “train your brain” to respond quicker and more accurately the more you practice. A standard test will consist of something like, “Subtract the numbers” or, “Count the number of people.” The goal is to complete the exercise as fast as possible while still being correct. The basic concept will become addicting to just about anyone.

Smarter In Minutes a Day?

This guy knows more about you than you think.

This guy knows more about you than you think.

It’s so simple to use, but does it really work? Well, not really. Studies have been done and they are mainly inconclusive regarding how much your brain actually improves overall. However, I still believe that it works for getting your brain focused on a task. I’ve had people tell me that before a major test they’ll play 15 minutes of Brain Age to snap their mind into action and as a result they score higher on tests. So really, the game doesn’t make you smarter, but it can be a very useful tool.

Both the Brain Age games are extremely easy to find for really cheap. You could probably find either for $10 used at a local game store. A great gamers’ game, these are not. A fun time waster? Check and mate. Plus, they have Sudoku on them. Yup, now you’re sold.


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  1. I love Brain Age. My family gave it to me as a Father’s day gift (must be hinting at something), but we’ve all been playing it and competing against each other. Even my 8 year old son has been playing (which is pushing his limits), but it’s great to get the blood flowing.

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