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wild-planet-hyper-dashWild Planet comes up with some wonderful toys from spy gear to science kits, and this toy is no exception.  Hyper Dash is a game that incorporates four different possibilities for play into one simple game.  Speed, skill, memory, coordination and teamwork are challenged with the different skill level/play options available.

The box contains the bell-shaped, hand-held Hyper Dash base unit and five target discs in different colors with numbers on them.  The Hyper Dash base calls out commands based on the difficulty level selected. The easiest option requires color identification, the next is number and color recognition with an increase in call/command speed.

The third level of play adds a variety of calls to increase coordination.  The most complex level requires some basic math skills with calls such as “four minus one” to lead the players to the correct number target.

The game may be set up inside or outside, which offers a great activity at the park as well as an active indoor rainy-day game. The targets may be set up close together or very far apart depending on the player preference, and the game may be played in teams or with as little as one player.

Find Wild Planet Hyper Dash here.

So, if the idea is to work on the math skills the distance between targets can be minimal, but if the goal is to increase physical endurance the targets can be set up on opposite ends of a tennis court.

Three AAA batteries are required, and changing them requires a screwdriver. There is no on/off switch, but the hand-held unit turns off after a time of non-use to preserve battery life. The recommended age range is 7-12, but since the beginning level is colors only it could be a game for younger kids if the targets are set closer together.


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  1. Wild Planet Hyper Dash is an award winning game that lets your children learning while having fun and getting exercise. My children enjoy it very much.

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