harry potter action figure 300x300 Movie Toys and TV ToysMovies and Television shows are the most embraced media forms on the planet.  Studios treat millions of viewers around the world to just about every type of show or film they can imagine, at a staggering rate.

It should be no surprise, that the toy industry would try to bring the world’s favorite characters alive in the form of toys that allow us to keep our “heroes” on a shelf or alive on the living room floor under a tent made out of a bed sheet, or sofa cushions made to be walls of a fort.

How Movie Toys Changed the Toy Industry Forever

It all began in 1977 with a movie called Star Wars.

George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, saw an opportunity not only to market a new type of movie, but also to market toys directly based on his story.  It was a very controversial and brilliant idea.  Nobody had ever considered making small, lifelike representations of a movie character, creature or machine (vehicle) – it was seen as a risk and difficult to market.  Well, it caught on big-time, and now has become one of the largest industries around.

Today’s Hottest Movie Toys

transformers action toys 220x300 Movie Toys and TV ToysMajor motion pictures such as the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Indiana Jones franchise, Transformers and Harry Potter have broken new ground on the types of toys produced for these films, and the level of detail and complexity that toys provide.  The most popular toys and figures are from major motion pictures or “blockbusters” and hit TV shows.

Star Wars is still considered to be one of the keys to modern toy collecting, and GI Joe went to the now standard 3 ¾ inch size of action figure and is making a huge comeback with children and collectors alike. Even TV wrestling action figures and other sports toys and action figures have a huge fan base.

And these toys are now not just “toys” for the sake of toys.  In some cases they are more like puzzles, such as the Transformers toys.  You need to learn how to make them change forms, figure out how all of the parts work together as a whole.  They can really challenge the brain and teach anyone the basics of mechanical parts, all the while keeping our imaginations running on overdrive.

How to Start Collecting Movie Toys Today

To get into collecting action figures and play sets, whether it’s for fun or as an investment, it is smart to begin with what is readily available.  Start small and work your way up, as it can be very expensive if you go great guns into collecting the hot items right off the bat.  A wise choice would be something from the He-Man cartoon series, which has a very popular new line of figures and toys, or toys and figures from successful movies.

pirates of the caribbean toys 300x300 Movie Toys and TV ToysAgain, anything out there associated with big names like Harry Potter and Captain Jack Sparrow is almost a sure bet for the enthusiast.  Even more far-reaching films such as The Lord of the Rings movies had a wildly successful toy run, and they continue to be hot with collectors. These toys can be much more reasonable in price and are some of the greatest sculptures you will find of this area of collecting.

The formula is very simple:  If you enjoy a movie or a TV show, and you want to immortalize it on your shelf, just go to the store and pick up a few figures and enjoy them.  You don’t have to be an enthusiast to really have fun collecting action figures and toys; just give in to the kid at heart in yourself!

As long as we continue to love toys based on characters from movies and TV cartoons and icons, there will be a literal overload of things to choose from the satisfy your every collecting and playing desire.  Get out there and see what the toy collecting world is all about – you’ll find something no matter what age you are.