Taboo: Hold Your Tongue for Fun


If you’ve been following my blogs you have probably noticed a bit of a trend. I typically enjoy games fit for parties that either involve fierce competition or fun word games. How fortunate it was for me and my friends to discover Taboo!

Taboo is literally the perfect game for your group of friends- it is competitive, hilarious, makes you think and is easy to catch on to. ¬†Again, it’s more of a card game than a board game but the sentiment is the same so I will continue my review ūüėČ

First of all be sure to have at least four players- any less and it couldn’t possibly work since the game is team oriented. Divide your group in to two teams, and determine the “color” you want to be (each card in the deck has two sides, each a different color). The color you pick will be the side of the card you pay attention to when it is your turn.

Each card has a “key” word on it with 5 common words listed beneath it that either describe the key word, or are somehow related to it. Those 5 words are “forbidden”- meaning you can’t use those words…Your goal is to successfully get your team to guess as many key words correctly as possible¬†without using the forbidden words in your allotted time. Your opponent will be timing you with the sand timer- once the sand runs out so do your chances to collect points.

If you use the forbidden words, your opponents will hit the buzzer/squeaker (depends on the edition you’re playing) to stop you. If your team guesses the word illegally, it will not count. Even as I describe this game I can’t accurately depict the level of energy that happens throughout each teams turn. There is the person who is describing the word and those that are trying to guess it- everyone is in a rush to get it right… The opponents sit on the edge of their seats hoping nobody gets it right.

I can safely say I have played this game on numerous occasions and it has yet to disappoint. I have read of several differing opinions on what version to play, though. The original is a bit dated in the sense that some of the words you have to describe/guess are not really relevant anymore (Y2K for example). So for that reason, I may suggest you go for the newer version- however, some of the accessories are a bit different. I’ve seen complaints that the “buzzer” is now a squeaker that has had the tendency to upset dogs as it resembles the sound many dog toys make. While some games should be played in their ‘classic’ form, I tend to think this word game is naturally due for updates over the years- so why not head over to Amazon and grab the latest edition right now? I’d love to hear your feedback on this game.

Whether it be with friends, family- new acquaintances- put your brain to work, get thinking and play Taboo! It’s a total blast!


1-4 Too Much Awful
5-7.5- Not so Awesome
7.6-8.5 Almost awesome
8.6-9.4 – Awesome!
9.5-10- Totally Awesome!
8.9 Awesome!
  • Concept: 9.5
  • Presentation: 8.5
  • Longevity: 7.5
  • Gameplay: 10

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