rc mini helicopters 280x173 Remote Control ToysWhat does R/C mean? Depending on who you ask the answer can be Radio Control, Remote Control, or even Real Control.  For everyone though, R/C means fun!

Remote control toys have a wide range in size and skill level. From the simple charge-up and play models to the build-it kits there are different styles for each kind of RC enthusiast.

Models are available in cars primarily, but planes, helicopters, tractors and boats are options as well. Simple models run on batteries while others have gas RC engines. More complex models are able to run off a variety of engines depending on desired results (lighter for flight or faster for racing).

Popular Radio Control Toys

 Remote Control ToysSome popular electric toy vehicles include motor-driven boats available for tub time fun or pond races in warmer weather. Most are of a simple variety, but complex boats are available like the land or water aircraft carrier that has a rotating tower and the ability to catapult planes from it’s surface. Another favorite are the amphibian models that have wheels and boat bottoms so that they can go on any surface after a good rain.

Tyco remote control toys include licensed items from Batman, Speed Racer, and Disney’s Cars as well as other options such as remote control slot cars. These Hot Wheels cars come with slotted tracks for multi-lane remote controlled racing capability.

Remote control airplane toys are also available from Tyco in a lightweight glider that is built and decorated before take-off. These planes have clip on motors and an assortment of build-out options with re-useable parts.

Vehicles of varying skill-level are also available, from the earliest controllers with simple steering wheels and a transmitter designed for younger hands to the stunt cars that flip and spin. Others have one-button controllers and larger wheels for easier control.

Size is an option now that parts are becoming smaller and smaller. Whether looking for a tiny thumb-sized toy or an extra large airplane, remote control toys have the size you need. Some of the smallest remote control items are available as cars or mini animals and are stored and charged in the top of a pen with the controller on the pen itself. These mini remote control toys are sure to terrorize pets and delight children.

Another assortment of mini RC remote control toys include small cats, dogs and mice as well as miniature monster trucks, buses, helicopters, and motorbikes complete with riders. Many of these require very little charge time because the power supply is so small; however, this also means more frequent charging is often necessary.

Classic RC Toys

remote control construction vehicle toy Remote Control ToysStandard size RC toys include cars, tractors, trucks, tanks, and rats. Yes, rats. With the tail disguising the antenna for RC signal reception, the rat looks very creepy and has fooled both animals and people (most effectively while sitting still in the corner of a room).

These standard size toys are just right for children who have experienced the easier operating RC toys and are ready to move on to more precise controls. The hobby models are the next step in satisfying the growing skills of the rc enthusiast since they allow an element of control in the design of the toy.

Radio control toys including RC cars, RC helicopers, RC boats, and RC planes can have conflicting controller signals if used within the same household.  Many brands offer alternate signal patterns or channels so that two children may play at once.   Some wireless interference can confuse signals to certain rc models at which point resetting the unit is recommended.

Whenever using radio control toys remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding maintenance, use, and disposal.  Some of the components can be thrown in the garbage or recycled while others need to be taken to specific waste management sites for safe handling.