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What I learned from: Battletoads

We’ve all played difficult games. That’s the fun, really, figuring out the best way to get to the end of the game (or get a high score). But sometimes that difficulty is just too much, which is a lesson I’m glad I learned early on.

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Movies vs. Comics: Continuity Battle

Last month, my editor, Brian, reviewed Iron Man 3, the latest movie to come from the Marvel movie studios, and while I respectfully disagree with his opinion of the movie. I found it to be my favourite of the trilogy, concluding a story arc that had been in the works for three movies while creating a […]

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The wrong kind of “retcon”

In the comics world, the word “Retcon” short for “Retroactive continuity” is used whenever something that was previously established, such as a character’s origins, is changed to something new. For example, before the New 52 reboot, Tim Drake was one of the most notable men to take the role of Robin in Batman history, leaving […]

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Why Hero Inequality is a Good Thing

Fairness and equality is overrated…especially if you live in Metropolis or Gotham City.

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Boss Appreciation Week: More memorable bosses of yesteryear

We continue our week of looking at big boss battles with a stroll down memory lane.

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Some of the best 8-bit music

Is it just me or has video game music lost a lot of its magic over the years? Give me retro chip tunes over full scores any day.

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Tips From a Grandmaster: Batman: Arkham City

It’s only been about two weeks since I lavished Arkham City with praise as my current favorite title of 2011, but in that time I’ve had a chance to utterly devour every little bit of content available, specifically anything that has to do with The Riddler. At this point I feel that I’ve mastered the […]

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Arkham City Review Header

I’m The GD Batman: A Review of Batman: Arkham City

Back in 2009, Rocksteady’s brilliant Arkham Asylum reinvigorated my devotion to the Dark Knight. Jump ahead a bit and here we are at 2011 with its sequel, Arkham City, and a whole new level of Batman to explore. I’ve played through at least half of the total game experience and have quite a bit to […]

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Batman NES

Batman on the NES, an unsung classic

In 1989 the first good Batman movie was in theatres and I had a full blown case of Batman fever. Along with my Batman breakfast cereal, Batman piggy bank and my Batman frisbee, I had the Batman game on original Nintendo. Like many NES games of the time, it was a blind leap of faith […]

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My Top 10 Most Unattainable Toys

Remember a Christmas or birthday when you wanted that one special toy, but no one got it for you? Now you understand…it was ridiculously expensive, or impossible to locate. You were disappointed then, because there was no such thing as ebay or Amazon, and instead you got a sweater. Well, now I’m going to take […]

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