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The Battle for Polygonal Supremacy Continues: A Retrospective on Blokus tie-ins

Happy December everybody! The holiday season has officially begun. Before all of you get too far into your shopping, I felt it would be much needed if I took an old business detour. Two weeks ago, I wrote an article (this one) recommending Blokus: a 4-player strategy game of which I stand to be a […]

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Time to Square Off: A Retrospective on Blokus

The holiday season is only one more week away. You know what that means? Time for us at Toy-TMA to put down our Wii Motes and Dualshocks for a while (don’t worry we’ll come back to them), and find some new activity to spend some time with our friends and family on reality’s level. For […]

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Top 10 Best Selling Toys of 2009

The year is wrapping up, but there is still just enough time for you to get out and grab gifts for everyone on your list. It’s tough to create a list of the top toys of 2009 without repeating myself quite a bit, plus everyone else has the list somewhere. But you come here to […]

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