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The Ultimate Geeky Black Friday Wishlist

Not sure what to shop for this holiday season? Chase gives you the low down on some great stuff.

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Black Friday toys, five picks that can’t miss

Let the holiday shopping begin! Black Friday is this week and here’s a few things you should keep an eye out for.

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Merry Christmas With Our Favorite Articles

As you may have noticed, the schedule has been a bit strange lately. The reason for this is the strange timing of Christmas this year, coupled with Toy-TMA’s Head Writer/Editor coming down with the Black Death. Well, while I’m recovering and dealing with Christmas, I’m taking the time to think about some of the best […]

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Picture Books of Christmas Past

-Republished with permission from Linus & Bubba Books. As a child, part of the Christmas ritual for me and my siblings was snuggling up with the basket of Christmas books that came out with the decorations every year. The illustrations were so vivid, the books always smelled a little bit like cinnamon from being in […]

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Great Christmas gifts that go beyond the television

It’s easy to buy video games for the people on your Christmas list, but you can get a lot more for a lot less if you look beyond the television.

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When the Weather on Screen is Frightful: The Top 10 Video Game Snow Levels

Let’s face it. Everyone was on Snow Miser’s side. Even if you can’t stand snow days, there’s no denying that walking outside to see what would have been an all too familiar neighborhood completely blanketed in white during the holidays is a pretty site. But what if you’re not the snowman making, snowball fighting, sledding […]

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Sit down and snugle up to your family members

13 Must-See Christmas Movies for Kids

Christmas time is meant to be a wholesome point of the year filled with fun and caring and everyone caring about fun and the like. Also, you probably see family or something. However, a typical Christmas tradition usually ends up being a good old family sit-down-and-watch-something, also know as “movie time.” Problem is, there are […]

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