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Bad Games That Should Have Been Great: Pokemon Battle Revolution

If there’s one thing I love, it’s Pokemon. The series, despite doing its best to stagnate, is just as good as it’s always been. However, there’s one place that it’s still lacking entirely: A real Pokemon game on a major console rather than a handheld. We’ve got a few tries, such as Pokemon Stadium 1 […]

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Let’s Think Deep: Books and Games

Escapism. Through whatever medium we use, we are all searching for that elusive experience that takes us elsewhere; that state of mind in which we aren’t concerned about our money problems, our painful lack (or disturbing presence) of a significant other, or whatever war or natural disaster is happening in whatever part of the world. […]

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Let’s Think Deep: Nintendo Explained By a Lifelong Fanboy

Today is a special occasion for me here at Toy-Too Much Awesome. Today is my 300th post (according to my backend stats), so I wanted to celebrate by writing something very near to me as both an interest and part of my identity. For my last milestone I talked all about my greatest Pokemon accomplishments […]

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Ten Games That Changed Everything

I like thinking about video games, something you may have picked up on by now if you’re a site regular (do we have those? That would be just fantastic if we did). The more I think, the more I eventually cycle back to a handful of games that seem to define everything that is video […]

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Let’s Think Deep: The PSN Blackout

It is currently the third week of the PSN Blackout. How are you all holding up? In case you were wondering, here are my thoughts on the matter.

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Bad Games That Should Have Been Great: Metroid: Other M

I enjoy the Metroid games as well as the next Nintendo fanboy. I especially love the Metroid Prime series, a fact that’s popped up a few times in lists I’ve done here and there. So when I heard about a new Metroid game I immediately flipped out with excitement. And then of course I heard […]

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Ten Aspects of Otherwise Good Games That Bring Them Down

I watch a fair number of video game-related videos during the course of my week, but one that stands out to me is Extra Credits over at The Escapist. A few weeks ago, the Extra Credits team (Daniel, James, and Allison), have been discussing how best to play games with a developer’s mindset firmly in […]

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Let’s Think Deep: The Mind of a Fanboy

Why haven’t I Thought Deep for a while? I’m not really sure. I might as well fix that by diving into a topic I’ve mentioned before: Fanboyism (or Fangirlism, but it’s easier to write “fanboy,” so just replace the gender pronouns to enjoy the article more if that’d otherwise be a deal-breaker). What makes someone […]

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Bad Games That Should Have Been Great: Turtles in Time: Re-Shelled

How could I enter 2011 without digging deep into my favorite topic, Ninja Turtles? I couldn’t. And beyond that, how could I not start with a rant about something that just plain ticked me off? I love rants, I love Ninja Turtles, but I certainly don’t love Turtles in Time: Re-Shelled. Reason being? It’s awful, […]

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In Response to Game Informer: 10 Underdogs that Defined a Decade

This November, Game Informer Magazine released a cover story for their 212th issue that resulted in both positive and negative reception. It was a story that took 30 video game characters created over the last decade, and declared them as the ones who defined the video game community with the leaps and bounds we have […]

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