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Let’s Think Deep: Link and Jak, Same But Different

You know, video games have had a history of referencing or building mirrors of themselves for some time. I’m sure everyone remembers Mario showing up as the referee in Punch Out back on the original Nintendo. In 2009, we all found it oddly coincidental that two super hero sandbox games, Infamous and Prototype, released in […]

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Live Action Turtles

Let’s Think Deep: Fanboy Entitlement

Not too long ago, Mass Effect 3 came out and pretty much everyone bought it. And then immediately afterward they finished it and hated the ending. Right around this same time, Michael Bay came out and said some things about the new Ninja Turtles movie that’s in the works and infuriated fans there as well. […]

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Let’s Think Deep: Books and Games

Escapism. Through whatever medium we use, we are all searching for that elusive experience that takes us elsewhere; that state of mind in which we aren’t concerned about our money problems, our painful lack (or disturbing presence) of a significant other, or whatever war or natural disaster is happening in whatever part of the world. […]

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Let’s Think Deep: Nintendo Explained By a Lifelong Fanboy

Today is a special occasion for me here at Toy-Too Much Awesome. Today is my 300th post (according to my backend stats), so I wanted to celebrate by writing something very near to me as both an interest and part of my identity. For my last milestone I talked all about my greatest Pokemon accomplishments […]

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