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Deep Dungeons of Doom, pattern recognition

First caught Deep Dungeons of Doom on the Ouya and found it very worthwhile as a quick pickup-and-play game. The premise is simple, as is the gameplay, and that is key to it feeling fun but then I discovered Deep Dungeons is on iOS too, and that changed everything.

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Ernesto RPG

Ernesto RPG, where’s the app?

As is thoroughly noted here at TMA, I like games that look cheap and play well. For me, that’s usually a recipe for fun and finding Ernesto RPG is no exception. I don’t recall where I found the link to Kongregate where Ernesto RPG is hosted, probably Polygon or Twitter, but the game has hooked […]

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Puzzle and Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons meets in the middle

I don’t recall exactly how I came to find Puzzle & Dragons. I know it wasn’t on any web site or even through Twitter. I think it was just in the App Store and I saw the words “puzzle” and “dragon” and that’s all it took. I guess I’m sucker like that.

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DrunkQuest: Of Monsters and Booze

When a person finally hits the age of 18 or 21 (depending on where you are), the definition of what a game is changes pretty dramatically. Mostly, one realizes that alcohol can be added to just about anything to help improve the party experience that accompanies the games we all hold dear to our hearts.

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Under the Microscope

I’ve mentioned before that I’m an avid player of role playing games: games that have you take on the role of some character you create as you go off to do…something. I know that doesn’t seem very specific, but honestly, it’s impossible to be more specific given the vast array of RPGs on the market […]

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Baseball card RPG, putting old cards to good use

I’m sure I’m not alone in the group of kids that collected baseball cards in the 80s/90s with hopes of cashing them in 20 years later so you could retire. Funny thing is that never happened. The baseball cards from about 1982 to 1995 are probably some of the most worthless cards ever produced…because they […]

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When tabletop worlds collide

Since this is still tabletop month (and the board game I was hoping to play didn’t come in on time), I figure it’d be a good idea to stick to our good old friend, Role-Playing games. Though, while my last article focused on the past, this article is going to focus on the three campaigns […]

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Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons, dragons and giant robots

A few years ago I was playing Dungeons & Dragons weekly with a group of friends. It was the first time I had really played D&D. I had a RPG-wannabe stage in junior high but never really sat to learn and play the game as it was intended…the most I did was have fun drawing […]

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Tales from the tabletop, the DM life

Lets kick off a month-long series in table top gaming!

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Bastion lives up to the hype

I’m not much of an RPG gamer but when I saw Bastion previewed for the Summer of Arcade I pegged it as one I would enjoy. Most of the time my gaming expectations aren’t fully satisfied but this time they were exceeded.

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