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Tips From a Grandmaster: Mass Effect 2

Last week I claimed to be a Grandmaster at the original Mass Effect, and I’d like to stand by that claim today by saying that I can total that game any day I feel like. But when it comes to complete domination and beastly skill, Mass Effect 2 is where I really shine. There are […]

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Tips From a Grandmaster: Mass Effect

We’re quickly coming up on the release of Mass Effect 3, an event I’m pretty excited about. There’s a lot Bioware could do wrong, and of course there’s even more they could do right. But we’re not there yet. Perhaps you’ve just recently heard about Mass Effect and want to start at the beginning to […]

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Too Much Awesome Feature Guide [Updated]

We here at Toy-TMA do a lot of writing. Sometimes we do more writing than usual, but we’ve been very good about creating content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at a consistent pace. Thankfully, a lot of our favorite articles have been viewed over and over again, and even have comments in staggering numbers for […]

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Tips From a Grandmaster: Batman: Arkham City

It’s only been about two weeks since I lavished Arkham City with praise as my current favorite title of 2011, but in that time I’ve had a chance to utterly devour every little bit of content available, specifically anything that has to do with The Riddler. At this point I feel that I’ve mastered the […]

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Tips from a Grandmaster: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (Part I)

If you’ve been reading this site for a while, it’s no secret that Chris (whom I just happen to be married to) is good at videogames. As someone not particularly skilled in this area, it’s convenient for me to keep him around to kill the stupid final boss on his first try (you know…the one […]

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Tips From a Grandmaster: Super Mario Bros 3

If I could be so bold as to call myself an expert in any game series, it’d have to be Super Mario. My favorite games tend to consistently be games with Mario appearing, especially if such title is a platformer, and while my new favorite is Super Mario Galaxy 2, my previous favorite for nearly […]

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Tips From a Grandmaster: Super Mario Galaxy 2

Welcome to my first attempt at offering tips and tricks to a popular video game. For me, I’ve always felt as if I was a fairly good game player, but I was never sure if that translated to teaching. We’ll find out today as I offer Tips From a Grandmaster for one of the best […]

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