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Goku Goodbye

So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish

If Toy-TMA has any regular readers, then you probably know a bit about me by now. I am the Head Writer/Editor of the site and have been for the past couple of years. I am a diehard Nintendo fanboy, find joy in the faults of Dragon Ball Z, believe that Ninja Turtles are the greatest […]

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Norman Rockwell Christmas Header

Merry Christmas With Our Favorite Articles

As you may have noticed, the schedule has been a bit strange lately. The reason for this is the strange timing of Christmas this year, coupled with Toy-TMA’s Head Writer/Editor coming down with the Black Death. Well, while I’m recovering and dealing with Christmas, I’m taking the time to think about some of the best […]

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What You May Have Missed In November 2010

We had a good November, didn’t we? Well, we’re into December now, but don’t let that spoil the fun from November. Here’s your recap for November 2010: A Hero’s Best Friend: The Top 5 Video Game Pets: Gus began November with a top 5 list he’d be kicking around for a while regarding his favorite […]

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What You May Have Missed In October 2010

October is now over and with it leaves the articles of October. But did you get a chance to read them all? We had a lot of good ones to pick from this month, so if you’ve still got to catch up, now’s the time. Take a look back at October 2010 in review. Chris’ […]

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What You May Have Missed In September 2010

Now that we’re knee deep into October, many of us are beginning to forget about September. And why not? October has Halloween, whereas September traditionally has back-to-school, one of the worst times in the history of ever. Seriously, does anyone enjoy heading back to school? If you do, I don’t really want to know, but […]

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Heading To PAX!

So Kyle and I are heading to PAX for a while to interview as many people as we can. How we got passes to PAX is a mystery all in itself, but the bottom line is that we’ll be doing and seeing some fun stuff, so we want to know if there’s anything you faithful […]

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Too Much Awesome Podcast Episode 3 is Live!

After a bit of a break, we’ve got a new episode of the Too Much Awesome Podcast with special guest Michael James Waymire, a close friend of mine who happens to have a lot to say about the 90′s and why, well, they were just plain better than now. So check it out and let’s […]

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What Do You Want?

As you may have noticed, there’s been a short break in the usual postings both yesterday and today. Some uninteresting things were going on behind the scenes, but new stuff will be appearing by the end of the week (we hope). More importantly, I want to take this small hiatus period to ask a very […]

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Too Much Awesome Podcast: Episode 2

After a slightly longer wait that we meant, we finally have the second episode of the Too Much Awesome Podcast starring Kyle Martinak and Chris Pranger. In this episode, we talk about video games a little more, toys once more, and make sure to go into greater detail about board games. Specifically, we gives some […]

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