Hasbro Suing Facebook for Popularizing its Classic Game


Scrabulous may be on its last legs, as Hasbro is going ahead with its attempt to collect “damages” from the Facebook application that is based on the classic board game Scrabble.

As Techdirt suggests, Hasbro seems to be suing Facebook for making its game popular again. A pretty bizarre move by the company that owns 80% of the gaming market. The hard numbers are not available, but many voices in the toys community have noticed how the controversy with the Facebook application has renewed interest in the boardgame proper.

For instance, Games.com reported last week that Scrabble is their 5th most popular board game, compared with # 24 back in February.

But don’t worry, word game fans, Hasbro is rolling out its own Facebook application, simultaneously timed with the Scrabulous smack down.


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