Monkeying Around: Male Monkeys Prefer Masculine Toys


According to a recent study published in the New Scientist, male monkeys have shown an innate predisposition towards toys deemed to be masculine. The study presented a group of male and female monkeys with ‘masculine’ toys with wheels and plush ‘feminine’ toys. Researchers found that although female monkeys played with both sets of toys equally, the males seemed to be significantly more interested in the wheeled toys.

This could be an important finding in the debate over whether children’s toy choices, such as between trucks and Barbie dolls, are due to inherent preference or are the result of socialization. Though some might say that this study proves boys’ innate predisposition towards masculine toys, it is important to note that females did not show preference for either type of toy. Scientists also cautioned not to over-interpret the results, conceding that factors such as color or shape may have caused the distinction as well.

To view the entire study, click here.


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