What You May Have Missed In November 2010


We had a good November, didn’t we? Well, we’re into December now, but don’t let that spoil the fun from November. Here’s your recap for November 2010:

A Hero’s Best Friend: The Top 5 Video Game Pets:

Behold the love of a boy and his horse.

Gus began November with a top 5 list he’d be kicking around for a while regarding his favorite pets within video games. There are some definite universal favorites in there, but a few you might now have thought about. It’s a fun read, so go catch up on it.

More Like A Tall Tale: A Fable III Review:

For November’s first review, I had to mention Fable III since, well, it was a huge release. I just wasn’t sure how to review it since there were so many differing opinions. I got a chance to ask Destructoid’s Jim Sterling about the game in my podcast, but there still wasn’t a sure resolution. Read the review for my findings.

Platforming Served Well Done: A Review of Super Meat Boy:

Probably my favorite recent release, Super Meat Boy won me over with its ridiculous difficulty but spot-on enjoyment. Then again, platformers are my bread and butter, so give me a good one and I’m happy for days.

Let’s Think Deep: Kinect and What It Means:

While I’ve yet to review the Kinect (and probably never will since there’s no reason), I did see its launch permeating more than just the casual crowd of people. I wanted to get some thoughts out on screen and since that’s the whole reason I started Let’s Think Deep, out came my semi-rant on Microsoft’s new baby.

Ten Radical Ninja Turtle Action Figure Side Characters:

Some of these characters could have their own show and I'd still watch it.

I had a hell of a time figuring out what to call this list, but in essence it’s all about the Also Rans of the TMNT toy line and how freaking cool they are. I won’t spoil who I put at the top, but given his own series, I’d go out right now and buy every new toy they released from it.

Nixon’s Back Baby: A Review of Call of Duty: Black Ops:

Another year, another Call of Duty game. And another article that no one really needs to read since this Call of Duty game is even better than the last. It’s that simple. Also, Nixon fights zombies. Sold.

Because Sometimes Death Can Be Entertaining: A 13 Dead End Drive Retrospective:

I felt bad that we hadn’t mentioned board games in a while, so I reached back into my childhood memories and pulled out one strange game that felt like a mix of Clue and Mouse Trap. Anyone else remember 13 Dead End Drive? Anyone?

Board Game Week: Spy Web Retrospective:

Now I KNOW you’ve never heard of Spy Web. The second installment of Board Game Week ended up being a mixture of Battleship and Guess Who?, but I know for a fact that kids would be into this game if it had better marketing. I mean really, are spies that tough to sell to kids?

Time To Square Off: A Retrospective on Blokus:

Gus has me convinced. Now I just need to find someone willing to play with me.

Gus’ first article as a full member of the Toy-TMA staff turned out to be a retrospective on one of his favorite board games just in time for Board Game Week: Blokus. I’d heard about it before but to Gus, Blokus is akin to chess, so there must be something to it. Read his article to find out what.

The End is Nigh: A Review of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1:

Probably one of the biggest movie releases of this year, the seventh Harry Potter movie came out to quite a lot of fanfare. Gus got a chance to see it and write up a review, so here it is for those that need just a little more convincing.

How To Survive Black Friday:

Every so often I get the chance to just write for fun and this happened to be one of those times. I’m actually very proud of this one, so go read on for the full extent of my silliness in which I give advice that could probably get you arrested should you follow it.

The Missing Link: A Review of Donkey Kong Country Returns:

Certainly one of the more anticipated Wii releases of this year, the return to form for Donkey Kong Country under the care of Retro Studios (I love you Retro Studios!) turned out to be exactly what fans wanted, though perhaps at a difficulty they didn’t expect. I don’t mind since after Super Meat Boy I need my platforming enragingly tough to even break a sweat.

Bad Games That Should Have Been Great: Star Fox Adventures:

I was never sure quite what to make of this game, but I knew it wasn't what you'd consider "good."

Finishing out November, I took some personal time to rip on Star Fox Adventures, a game that just didn’t make any sense. Perhaps not as bloodthirsty as some of my other rants, but hey, it was my birthday, so cut me some slack.

And that’s November for you. What’s coming up for December? Well, we’ve got a new writer joining us very soon, plus some strategy articles on Super Mario Bros 3 and Yoshi’s Island. Also, because it’s the end of the year and all, we’re sort of required to talk about what happened in the last twelve months. Still, we’ll make it good. And Christmas. Don’t forget Christmas. See you in January!


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