What You May Have Missed In October 2010


October is now over and with it leaves the articles of October. But did you get a chance to read them all? We had a lot of good ones to pick from this month, so if you’ve still got to catch up, now’s the time. Take a look back at October 2010 in review.

Chris’ Top Ten Favorite Video Game Soundtracks:

The very first of October began with a continuation of my previous lists regarding video game music. This time I went even broader and ranked my favorite soundtracks in video games. and oddly enough, it somehow coincided with an interview Kyle and I did with Daniel Floyd and James Portnow.

Gus’ Top 10 DBZ Relationships:

Because who can ever get enough Dragonball Z?

We were treated to a Week of Gus with a three-part Top 10 List involving Dragonball Z, one of my favorite subjects. In classic Gus fashion, his article was too long to post in a single day, so it was broken into three parts. It’s really a creative read, so go look into it if you want more DBZ-related goodness.

Just Stay Dead: A Review of Dead Rising 2:

Jumping into the busy game-release month, I took on the task of reviewing Dead Rising 2. In a nutshell, it’s better than the first game, but if you hated the first game, you’ll hate this one, too.

A Miserable Pile of Secrets: A Review of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow:

Next up, the new 3D Castlevania game. I really wanted to play it, but a lot of reviewers have complained about poor cameras and downright bad level design. Still, Patrick Stewart as a voice actor hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

Call of D-Oops, I Mean A Review of Medal of Honor:

I guess The Dude is into modern warfare now. Cool.

One of the largest titles to release in October, Medal of Honor, turns out to be exactly what we thought it’d be: A totally decent game that you won’t remember by this time next year. We also learn that for some reason, because I’m unprofessional, I eat crap sandwiches. Learn something new every day I suppose.

Monkey’s Life-Changing Trip: A Review of Enslaved: Odyssey To The West:

Gus comes back and reviews a game I honestly wasn’t paying attention to, but now really want to own: Enslaved: Odyssey To The West. Turns out it’s an awesome game that everyone should play and I want it for Christmas.

Chris’ Ten Favorite Video Game Trilogies:

Because I can never get enough lists, I give a rundown of ten video game series that stand out as examples of trilogies that don’t fail at any step. And then Gus harangues me for not picking some other choices. Thus is life.

Bad Games That Should Have Been Great: Fable II:

I hated Fable II. I thought it was a terrible game. So much so in fact that I decided to write a lengthy rant to just that effect. Even so, I held myself back from mentioning the shimmering trail of failure, the annoying gargoyles, or utter uselessness of doing anything in the game. It’s one of my favorite articles though, so please do read it.

Yet Another Pokemon Black & White Preview:

New Pokemon, but plot? Not so much.

Because just one preview isn’t enough, I do a second one. Pokemon Black & White Versions have now been out in Japan long enough to know everything about them, so I was capable of judging the game in a more in-depth manner. Read on to see what you can expect from the new adventure like the old adventures.

10 Awesome Ninja Turtle Action Figure Outfits:

Finally following up my first TMNT action figure list for over a year ago, I dive into a listing of ten really awesome Ninja Turtle action figures. I’m always into writing about Ninja Turtles, so read it if you are, too.

Forget-Me-Nots: Halloween-Turned-Toys!

Kyle returns at last with a new article, this month covering some of the perks of Halloween costumes: The accessories. He highlights a few choices of Halloween props that become excellent toys year-round, so give it a read.

And that’s all we saw in October. What’s up for November? Well, a review of Fable III is up early, as well as a list from Gus. Later we’ll have another edition of Bad Games That Should Have Been Great regarding Star Fox Adventures, a list of bad things comics do, Tips From a Grandmaster on Super Mario Bros 3, and who knows what else! Tune in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for new articles because you never really know what gold we’ll farm next.


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