Scott Pilgrim, Where Are You?


Not too long ago I wrote about one of the best comic books to read at this very moment, Scott Pilgrim. We’re nearing the long-anticipated movie starring Michael Cera, plus, the final chapter is out now…right? Well, there may be a problem. If you, like me, are having some trouble locating the final book, let’s rap.

Why aren't you here now? Why you gotta be like that, Scott?

If you check most anything official, Scott Pilgrim Book 6 has been released and wraps up Scott’s epic story. I’ve looked on the official Scott Pilgrim site, Oni Press’ publishing site, and a few other places. Amazon tells me the book’s out now. When I went to Barnes & Noble to read the new book so I could review it (I’m cheap, leave me be), what did I find? “Not being released until next month.”

Okay, that was troubling. A few other people had asked and the employees at the B & N really had no clue why since, according to their computers, the book clearly wasn’t getting released until August. So instead, I tried the next best thing: Borders. I zipped on over to the closest store and walked right to the comics and graphic novel section, immediately finding Scott Pilgrim Books 1-5 on a little platform. But no Book 6. Where was it?

And why aren't you kicking all of the butts right this very second?

The Borders rep told me that there was a mix-up of some sort up on the high, high executive level or something, saying that while it is SUPPOSED to be out right now, it most likely won’t be in for a few weeks. She wasn’t annoyed or anything, rather she looked just as confused as I did, not really knowing why the book wasn’t on the shelves to make me happy.

I had been hearing via Twitter or someplace else some rumblings from Bryan O’Malley, the writer/artist for Scott Pilgrim, that the book was out but because Oni Press is still a relatively small-time, independent publisher, there have been some hiccups. I figured my last great and reasonable option was to go to my local comic shop.

Lucky for me, an awesome comic shop, Emerald City Comics of downtown Eugene (you owe me ad money now Emerald City Comics), is more or less right across the street from me. I bopped on over and looked around, once more finding Books 1-5 without any problem. Then I asked the helpful employee what the deal was with Book 6 and this is roughly what she told me: “Book 6 won’t be released until after the movie comes out. They want to coincide the two releases. People that went to Comicon were able to see the movie and buy the book, but it’s not available anywhere else.”

Michael Cera, you better kick all of the butts right this very second.

There you have it: Book 6 won’t be widely available until after Scott Pilgrim vs The World premiers. This, naturally, makes me very sad because I don’t want to see the movie until AFTER I’ve finished the book series. And who wouldn’t? If you’ve been reading the series and it’s about to end, wouldn’t you rather finish your current plotstream rather than possibly get it confused with the movie’s? The movie reportedly follows the books very closely, but there are some changes, specifically around the ending.

I can understand the reasoning, but this is almost like Superman and Lois Lane coinciding their comic wedding with Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman, causing The Death of Superman in the process to stall for time. I don’t want to read the book after seeing the movie, but I want to see the movie when it opens. Which do I do? What are you going to do?


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  1. Dude, I just found and bought Volume 6 at Barnes and Noble yesterday. If you look hard enough, you should be able to find it before the movie.

  2. I’m just happy the game art is being done by the same guy who did Kings of Power 4 Billion %. That video was crazy. If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out no YouTube.

  3. So far, I have only read the first two volumes (which were AWESOME by the way) my plan is to go see the movie while I’m not as endowed in the source material so I can be suprised, and then I’ll go back and read the remaining four.
    I’m also looking forward to the video game adaptation comming to the Play Station Network. Apparently, it’s already won numerous awards for being one of the best downloadable games ever.

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