Scrabulous Removed in the UK too

photo by Jeffrey Collingwood

photo by Jeffrey Collingwood

Following up on last month’s demand by Hasbro to remove the game Scrabulous on Facebook in the US and Canada because of its similarity to Scrabble, BBC news reported this week that the UK has followed suit.  No more free Scrabulous in the UK.

One of the makers of the Facebook application, Jayant Agarwalla,  reportedly said he found Facebook’s decision to pull the game in the UK “astonishing” but was more disappointed with Mattel.

“It surprises us that Mattel chose to direct Facebook to take down Scrabulous without waiting for the [Indian court’s] decision,” he said.

The makers of Scrabulous have redesigned their application to move around Mattel’s legal challenges; this new game is called Wordscraper. One of its distinctions from the classic board game is the use of circular tiles rather than square, as well as many customizable game rules that players can set as they choose.


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