What You May Have Missed In September 2010


Now that we’re knee deep into October, many of us are beginning to forget about September. And why not? October has Halloween, whereas September traditionally has back-to-school, one of the worst times in the history of ever. Seriously, does anyone enjoy heading back to school? If you do, I don’t really want to know, but I bet you’ll be making a lot more than me in about…right now actually. Remember to stay in school and don’t do drugs, because as all the cool games used to tell us, “Winner Don’t Use Drugs.” Sorry, tangent. It happens. Anyway, don’t write off September completely. Here are the articles in September you may have missed.

Samuses Should Be Seen, Not Heard: A Review of Metroid: Other M:

Directly following my short Metroid Retrospective, I got to the review of Metroid: Other M, the newest adventure in Samus Aran’s career as a bounty hunter. This title had a lot of controversy around it, most noteworthy the amount of dialogue Samus had, breaking a long-standing Metroid tradition of keeping her silent. Overall the gameplay was solid, but the story may need some work. Give it a look to know for sure.

Let’s Think Deep: The Used Games Dilemma:

Dude Huge probably doesn't appreciate my decision to include him in the article, but whatever, dude's got a sweet life so let him complain.

THQ recently placed itself in the spotlight of the industry by drawing a line in the sand between game developers and gamers purchasing used games. Therefore, I wanted to weigh in on the situation. Read the article for my thoughts on the subject.

How To Operate A Touch Screen Properly:

We recently lost Kyle as a full-time writer due to time conflicts, but that doesn’t mean Kyle has left our minds (he is my best friend after all). Here’s his last article for a while, a simple How-To guide on touch screens since so many of us need the help. I know I did.

PAX Prime 2010 Wrap Up:

After Kyle and I returned from this year’s PAX Prime, I made it a point to rub it in via a Monday article. To hear about what I thought about the event, read the article. Shorthand version: It was awesome.

No Freaking Way: A Duke Nukem Forever Preview:

Duke came back, and it was a time to rejoice.

As unbelievable as it was to see, Duke Nukem Forever was not only viewable at PAX, it was playable. Here’s what I thought about the game as it currently stands.

Let’s Think Deep: The Great Zelda Schism:

Probably my current favorite Let’s Think Deep, I go into the mental reasoning behind the way Old Zelda fans tend to act. Keep in mind, this isn’t an article about agreeing with Old Zelda fans, just an article to help you understand Old Zelda fans. Critical difference that become lost as I argued in the comments.

How To Reach The Masses: A Halo: Reach Review:

Adding another article to my series of “Reviews You Didn’t Need,” I give the highlights of Halo: Reach, one of the most anticipated games of this year. Expect to see this one topping the Game of the Year lists in December, as boring as it may be.

How To Lose With Dignity:

Taking a step back from reviews, news, or deep thought, I decided it was time to teach players how to lose with dignity. A must-read for anyone that considers themselves a fan of my writing, all…one of me I suppose.

My Top Twenty Favorite Video Game Tracks:

How could you turn down music like this?

In an article that spanned a Monday and a Wednesday (the thrilling conclusion here), I got a musical bug up my tail and decided to make a list of my favorite video game tracks. The list ended up being close to 70 or more, so I whittled the list down to twenty for the list. These are the definitive BEST tracks, just the ones I tend to like. Merely a suggestion to anyone looking to see what other music choices they haven’t considered.

My Top Ten Favorite Battle Themes:

Continuing on my music week, I spewed out another ten favorites in the category of game music, subgenre Battle Themes. Once more, a list meant for encouragement of discussion regarding favorites, not the end-all beat-all list of perfects seeing as how there are no perfect lists for music. Still one of my favorite series of top ten lists though.

Bad Games That Should Have Been Great: Dead Rising:

Starting another new features (I seem to start one a month now), I selected a game I recently played and proceeded to bully it without mercy, turning Capcom’s Xbox 360 title Dead Rising into my whipping boy for everything wrong with a a game. And just in time for the sequel to come out, too. Don’t expect this to be the last in this feature (Fable II, I’m looking at you!).

I Suppose Yarn Is Epic Now: A Preview of Kirby’s Epic Yarn:

Finally in September, I got around to giving my full impressions of a game I’d played at the beginning of the month. Shame on me. Oh well, for my reasoning behind telling you to preorder Kirby’s Epic Yarn, read the full preview.

And that’s the recap of September. Stay tuned for October where there will be a Top Ten List of Video Game Trilogies, a number of high-profile reviews, a sequence of hateful sentences regarding Fable II, and even a second preview of Pokemon Black & White, already released in Japan. Oh, and Halloween, so there’s bound to be something in that!


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