HABA and Product Safety


Something a toy company must always balance is the value of the product versus the cost of production.  Even with quality wood toys, safety and inspection have to be an integral part of the process. Because of rising demand for wood and labor, many makers of wood toys like HABA have found that some toys are too expensive to make at their headquarters.

We respect HABA for their transparency about which products are made overseas, as well as the care that goes into their inspection procedures no matter where they are made.  This level of transparency is necessary these days when so many cheap toys are on the world market, only to be recalled later for atrocious omissions such as baby toys made with lead paint and other heavy metals.

Our advice to parents and educators is to do some independent research into toy companies before bringing them into your home.  We also hope that we make that task a little easier for you here at Toy-TMA!


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