HABA Toys Voluntary Recall


HABA Toys has issued a press release detailing the voluntary recall of some of its popular toys due to the possibility they could contain choking hazards.  We encourage everyone to find out more information and inquire about refunds here.

Here are the toys recalled; so far no injuries have been reported.

The main issue with the rattles is that the mirrors and prisms can become detached and become a choking hazard.  The Miro Rattle also could be a choking hazard if dropped from a three foot height and the smaller plastic ball is released as the toy breaks.  (The redesigned Miro has a brass bell inside that does not break so easily, so it is not being recalled. )

The Triolino Puzzle has a ladybug head that could be a choking hazard.  In this case, HABA is offering to replace the puzzle piece with a safer one.

We applaud HABA for notifying the media as soon as they realized some of their products could cause injury, before anyone has gotten hurt.


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  1. Please advise me on whether there is or is not a recall on the Haba baby toys. I have purchased many for our small grandchildren and just found out about some of the toys I have purchased. I love your toys. And, so does our 3 year old and 9 month old grandchildren. I cannot tell whether the recall is valid or not. Thank you for making such colorful, lovely to feel, wooden toys. I hope the recall is not necessary and that you will continue to make such wonderful wooden instruments of love. Thank you. Nancy 10/17/2010

  2. Barbara Franczyk on

    My grandchild who is 9 months received the HABA mouse (Squeak Squeak) for a gift. He dropped the toy this morning and the top ring broke and the arms attached to the string came out. I do not know how to return in or to replace it. I also wonder how safe this is since the ring is broken into two small pieces (too small to be safe) and the string could be potentially dangerous if he put it in his month. Unfortunately this is one of his favorite toys!

  3. Where are the instructions for returning and getting either new or a refund? I’ve got several of these products.

  4. louisa sklower on

    Good morning: could someone please tell me where I can purchase haba wooden blocks in France (Paris in particular, but anywhere in the country)? Or how I get in touch with a European representative?

    Many thanks,

    Louise Sklower

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