Proposed Toy Safety Act in the Works


The latest toy headlines – toys with lead, toys with reproductive toxins – may have contributed to the US Senate proposal of a “toy safety act,” according to the New York Times.

Led by Democratic senators from New York and Connecticut, the proposed measure is called the Children’s Product Safety Act. Look for its effect on toy shelves near you. The legislature is hoping to undermine a tendency we blogged about here recently, in which store owners are still selling recalled toys at a bargain price.

In fact, a recent study by the Consumer Product Safety Council found that 69% of thrift stores sell items that have been previously recalled or banned! I love thrift stores, but this is scary news for unsuspecting parents.

But it’s not really the thrift store owners who are to blame. Rather, it is our permissive market culture. Many parents may be surprised to know that those thrift store owners (most of which are probably unaware of their products’ status) are not compelled by law to remove their banned and recalled toys except in a couple states. Not yet anyways.


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