Recently Recalled Toys – How to Stay in the Know


recalled-beach-chairBuild-a-Bear Beach Chairs have recently recalled over 250,000 folding chairs due to a laceration danger.

This is just one recall of many this year: how can you keep up?  In this article I explore easy ways for concerned parents to stay on top of the news in regards to toy recalls.

The good news is that many companies are stepping up to be compliant with the CPSC toy safety regulations for 2010.  The safety enforcement was set to begin in 2009, but the delay has been set to allow companies (especially smaller ones) and the CPSC to find ways to budget the necessary costs of the new required tests.

Still, while we wait for better laws, it’s a good idea to know where to get the information from the source.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) lists toy hazard recalls here.  The most recent recalls are listed first.  This page makes it possible to check listings from lots of manufacturers at once without visiting separate websites.  The list also explains why the toy has been recalled.

When shopping at a physical store it’s possible to find out about recently recalled items too.  Stores should post recalled items they have carried near the customer service area or at the checkout so that frequent shoppers are aware of recalled items.  It is likely that older recall items will not be posted on the bulletin board, so checking the online resource is still a good option.

Safety is really a two-way street.  So, if at any time a toy comes apart or a child is injured by a toy it is good to let the company know.  This is the main way that recalls can be created from the public perspective.  No one wants a faulty toy, especially if injury is possible.  So, if that age appropriate toy pops apart under normal wear and tear be sure to report it.


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