Toxic Toys Still on Shelves Despite New Toy Safety Act


Scientific American has reported that toys containing toxic phthalates may still be on shelves in the United States because the federal government has yet to enforce the new Children’s Safety Product Act.

This disturbing possibility has been documented by The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Public Citizen, who

charge in the complaint filed in Manhattan Federal Court that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is flouting “the will of Congress” by allowing retailers to stockpile and continue to sell products from dolls to rubber ducks containing the chemicals after Feb. 10—the date a federally mandated ban on their production and sale is set to take effect—as long as they were manufactured before the deadline.

Let’s review: we know that phthalates could be dangerous in toys, but retailers are still allowed to sell them through the busy holiday season.

To learn more about the issue of phthalates, visit this information center.


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  1. Free trade has cost us jobs while at the same time placing cheap and dangerous toys on store shelves. When will these politicians wake up and realize that we should not sacrifice public safety for affordability?

    I’ll be honest. Most government agencies have grown lax under Bush. It’s time the CPSC was shaken up. If that does not work, eliminate the agency and start from scratch. The safety of our children is more important then continuing to fund a government agency that can not perform its most basic duty. There is no excuse for why these toys are still on store shelves!

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