Violent toys and their effects


Are all toys good toys? These next couple posts will explore why some types of toys may be better for children than others.

To begin, let’s take a virtual tour on the memories of yesteryear’s favorite toys. In 1920, what was the top selling toy for boys? Answer: the Daisy air rifle. In 1950: the air rifle now has twin barrels and continues to be a best-seller. In 1970, the most popular toy on the market was army action figure. In 1980, a full generation later, what was the number one toy for boys? Answer: realistic water guns. Look how far we’ve come!

This trend of violent toys does not often catch the eyes of press, but in fact violent toys effect child psychology to a startling degree. Toys help children model the world of adults, and our society has been teaching for generations that guns and violence are acceptable behavior.

Most toy experts say that war toys have a negative effect on children because they promote violence. The message these toys send is that adults resolve conflict by killing one another. This is a profound statement, especially considering the war-torn world we have inherited.

So the best-selling toys are not always the best toys for our children.


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