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We here at Toy-TMA do a lot of writing. Sometimes we do more writing than usual, but we’ve been very good about creating content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at a consistent pace. Thankfully, a lot of our favorite articles have been viewed over and over again, and even have comments in staggering numbers for a site of our size. However, there are equally a staggering number of articles we’ve thrown ourselves into and week after week never see them on the Top 50 Content list from our analytics. Perhaps the problem is that we don’t have a ready-made guide to help you see what’s our there to read? That’s my theory, therefore here is the Too Much Awesome Feature Guide.

We're a good bunch here, and here are some of the best things we've produced for your enjoyment.

Games You Should Have Played:

The concept is simple enough. Take a game we’ve played and loved and tell other people why they should also love it. This feature began with Ocarina of Time and is still ongoing. What new Games You Should Have Played can you expect to see? Super Mario 64 is demanding a write-up, as is Twilight Princess and Act Raiser. Look for those in coming months.

Super Mario Sunshine

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Beyond Good & Evil

The Sly Cooper Trilogy

Batman NES

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Tomb Raider 1 & 2

Golden Sun

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Donkey Kong Country Trilogy

Resident Evil 4



Mega Man 2

Final Fantasy III SNES (VI)

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Bros 3

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Bad Games That Should Have Been Great:

Take the concept behinds Games You Should Have Played and reverse it. These are games that are misguided in some tragic way, becoming examples of a great concept or lofty promises being released with as a final product that leaves much to be desired. What other Bad Games That Should Have Been Great are in our future? Hard to say, but No More Heroes has a lot to talk about, so keep an eye out for that one.

Pokemon Battle Revolution

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Metroid: Other M

Smash Bros Spinoffs

Turtles In Time: Re-Shelled

Star Fox Adventures

Fable II

Dead Rising

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

God of War III

Resident Evil 5



Sometimes there are series that demand a full talk or an older toy or game that we really feel needs to be looked at again in further detail, mostly from our personal perspective. That’s where our retrospectives come from. What’s up next for a retrospective? The Star Fox series has been asking for the spotlight, and thus it shall soon be retrospectified.

Model Trains

Stuffed Animals


Return of the Jedi Battle at Sarlacc’s Pit board game


Brian’s Memories with Hot Wheels

The Game of Life

Mille Bornes

My First Diecast Car Convention

Wrestling Toys

Origami animals

Remote controlled envy

X-Men Under Siege Board Game

Marvel Legends Action Figures

Mighty Muggs

Rainbow Brite

Vintage Robot Toys


Creepy Celluloids


Blokus Spin-offs

Spy Web

13 Dead-End Drive




Extended History

Mr. Potato Head

Extended History

Smash Bros: A Retrospective

Super Soaker


Paper Airplanes


Puzzle Retrospective

My Little Pony: A Retrospective

Guys and Dolls: A Male’s Retrospective Of Barbie

Cereal Toys Retrospective

Apples to Apples Retrospective

Backyard Toys

Tonka Trucks Retrospective

Games Pieces Do Not Actually Talk: A Guess Who? Retrospective

Creating My Own Sagas: Dragonball Z Action Figures

Guide to Collectible Star Wars Action Figures

Go Green Machine! A Ninja Turtle Video Game Retrospective

More to Catch: Pokemon Toys Retrospective

Twenty Years and Still Going: A Simpsons Retrospective

Sweet Memories of Childhood Cars: A Matchbox Retrospective

The Glory of G.I. Joes: A Retrospective

The Privileged Childhood: A Power Wheels Retrospective

Still Leading The Way: A Hot Wheels Retrospective

Just Don’t Panic: A Retrospective on Catch Phrase

Like Capture The Flag With Bombs: A Stratego Retrospective

The Plastic Wars: a Retrospective on Army Men

All Out War: A Risk Retrospective

A Retrospective on Trivial Pursuit the Board Game

Victory Never Tasted So Sweet: A Candy Land Retrospective

That Cluedo That You Do: A Retrospective on Clue the Board Game

I Am Scattegories and You Can Too: A Scattegories Retrospective

Computers Must Be Stopped: A Short Chess Retrospective

The Yo-Yo and Why You Should Have One

Build Yourself Some Fun: a Brief LEGO Retrospective

Get Out of Jail for Free: A Brief Monopoly Retrospective


Video Game Retrospectives:

Rare: A Retrospective

Metroid: A Retrospective

My Pokemon Team Over The Years


Zelda: A Retrospective

Part 1

Part 2


Crash Bandicoot: A Retrospective

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Mario: A Retrospective

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8


Let’s Think Deep:

Our long-form discussions, Let’s Think Deep is a forum for us to discuss issues that we’re feeling regarding whatever we feel needs to be thought deeply about. What is currently up for Deep Thought? The future of gaming isĀ  a big topic, probably appearing sooner than later. Be watching for that.

Books and Games

Nintendo Explained By a Lifelong Fan

The PSN Blackout

You versus the world

The Download Conundrum

Wii Regret

I Get Your Genre: First-Person Shooters

The Mind of a Fanboy

Kinect and What It Means

The Great Zelda Schism

The Used Games Dilemma

The Virtual Utopia

The Moral of the Story

Rethinking Remakes

Achieving Perfection

Motion Controls In Games

The Perfect Video Game

What Makes a System Good?

Dante’s Inferno and It’s Place In The World

Articulating Articulation

Schrodinger’s Zelda


Tips From a Grandmaster:

We like to think we’re professional gamers here, but we’re not. Still, every so often we come across a game we feel mastery in to a level that has us begging to share our wisdom. What games will we discuss next? Smash Bros and Mass Effect are showing strong indicators of getting a full Tips article, so be ready for those.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (Part 1)

Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Batman: Arkham City


Comic Book Club:

Video games aren’t our entire world, even if it feels that way some months. We’re big on comic books, so much so that we want to share some of the comics that have really stood out as examples of stellar work. What Comic Book Club books will be selected for the future? Certainly Batman Black & White will make an appearance, as will the masterpiece manga Akira, plus the Marvel Current Continuity Retrospective needs to be resolved, so stick that on your radar and check back for their arrival on the list.

Marvel Current Continuity Retrospective:

Avengers Disassembled

New Avengers

House of M

Marvel Civil War

Marvel Civil War Aftermath



Usagi Yojimbo #141 (Issue 200)

Avatar The Last Airbender, The Lost Adventures

The Walking Dead

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

Jack of Fables


Omega the Unknown

Stitches: A Memoir

Scott Pilgrim Book 6

Ex Machina

Superman: Secret Identity


Scott Pilgrim Books 1-5




Authentically Awesome Anime (Triple A):

Gus came up with this a while ago after he decided that we talk about anime but not nearly as much as we should. Therefore, Triple A came about. What’s likely to appear? FLCL will be there soon, as will Akira and Samurai Champloo, so watch for those.

One Piece: New World Review Part 1

One Piece: New World Review Part 2

Digimon Tamers

Death Note

One Piece

One Piece 500th Episode

Samurai 7

Pokemon, the First Three Movies


Gurren Lagann

Transformers Prime

Dragon Ball Z


Page To Screen:

Gus started another brilliant segment a ways into this last year that really struck a cord with me where we cast the live action version of an animated property, though we haven’t touched on it since. That will change soon! Expect us to cast a live action version of Akira (the right way), Dragon Ball (the right way), and even Pokemon.

One Piece Part 1

One Piece Part 2

Casting for a Live Action Movie



Kyle starting this one, being an article aimed squarely at a toy from our past that we want to talk about. Not just any toy, but our toy, our specific toy that is ours and no one else’s. What can you see us taking a trip down memory lane with next? Perhaps Z-Bots, but that’s an article for another day.

Yu-Gi-Oh Cards and Anime

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Video game board games

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Figures and Zords

Chutes and Ladders

Mutating Michelangelo


Tie Fighter Computer Game

Lone Ranger Action Figure

Daredevil Action Figure

TMNT Pizza Power Board Game

1987 Ghostbusters Firehouse


How To Guides:

Sometimes we get the chance to cut loose and dispense advice. This is one of those times. Here are all the times we’ve given you advice on the important things in life. Coming soon: How To Create Video Games.

How To Do Nothing

Doing Halloween Costumes Right

How To Create Your Own Hot Wheels

8 Frequently Asked Questions About The Power Rangers

How To Survive Black Friday

How To Lose With Dignity

How To Operate A Touch Screen Properly

How To Game Correctly

Game Rentals: The Poor Man’s Guide

The Dragonball Z Technique Guide

How To Beat Your Friends In Board Games



This is the Internet in 2011. That means a fair number of lists are expected and to a certain degree required for a website to go on functioning. What lists are coming up soon? Keep a look out for 10 Examples Why Mario Games Are Darker Than You’d Think to appear sometime in the next year.

5 Games Lost in the November Rush 2011

The Best [And Worst] of Nolan North

5 Games To Play In The Dark

Top 5 Most Wanted Plot Devices for Avatar The Last Airbender: The Promise Part 1

Five Franchises That Should Get a Sandbox Spinoff

Five Aspects of Otherwise Great Anime That Brings Them Down

10 Weird Items from Oriental Trading

Five Remakes We Should Have Seen at E3

5 Things From Avatar I Wanted To See But Didn’t

Ten Games That Changed Everything

Five Aspects of Avatar Everyone Gets Wrong

Top 5 Franchises That Should Get a LEGO Spinoff

Five Games I’d Like To See On The 3DS Without 3D

5 Games That Would Work Great With The 3DS’ 3D

Ten Aspects of Otherwise Good Games That Bring Them Down

Seven Tragic Video Game Love Stories

Top 5 Franchises That Should Get An SSB Spinoff

Toys of 2010 that were just plain bad ideas

In Response to Game Informer: 10 Underdogs That Defined A Generation

A Toy List For The Financially Gifted

5 Toys From 2010 I Wish I Had When I Was Your Age

Top 10 Video Game Snow Levels

10 Radical Ninja Turtle Action Figure Side Characters


A Hero’s Best Friend: The Top 5 Video Game Pets

10 Awesome Ninja Turtle Action Figure Outfits

My 10 Favorite Video Game Trilogies

My Top Ten Favorite Video Game Soundtracks

My Top Ten Favorite Battle Themes

My Twenty Favorite Video Game Tracks

Part 1

Part 2


10 Ways The Real World Would Ruin Video Game Worlds

10 Games That Work Better As Rentals

Top 10 Misconceptions from Avatar The Last Airbender

Pranger’s Counter Argument

My Top 10 Most Unattainable Toys

Top 10 Things About E3 I’m Sick Of

5 Arcade Cabinets I’d Like To Own


5 Ways To Enjoy Your Hot Wheels Collection

Top 15 Best Overclocked Remixes

The Top 10 Video Game Quotes That Need To Die

13 Must-See Christmas Movies for Kids

The Top Ten Radio and Remote Controlled Toys of 2009

10 Most Popular Toys for Christmas 2009

Top 10 Bestselling Toys of 2009

The 10 Most Ridiculous Ninja Turtle Action Figures

5 Must-Own PS2 Games

The 20 Greatest Mario Enemies Ever

10 Video Games To Play On Thanksgiving


5 Must-Own Nintendo DS Games

5 Must-Own Games for the Nintendo Wii

10 Games You Should Play on Halloween

5 Virtual console Games You Should Have Already Downloaded

5 GameCube Games to Find Cheap

5 Game Boy Advance Games Still Worth Their Mettle



Zelda Lists:

6 Aspects of the Zelda Games That Are Darker Than They Appear

5 Things From The Legend of Zelda Everyone Gets Wrong

The Top 10 Best Zelda Items

My Ten Favorite Zelda Music Scores

My Ten Favorite Zelda Characters

My Ten Favorite Zelda Enemies


Pokemon Lists:

5 Aspects of Pokemon That Make No Sense

The 10 Best Pokemon Moves Ever

10 Pokemon You’d Rather Not Evolve

My Top 10 Greatest Pokemon Related Achievements

Top 10 Worst Pokemon Ever

Top 10 Best Pokemon Ever


Dragon Ball Z Lists:

Five Aspects of Dragonball Z Everyone Gets Wrong

5 Things From DBZ I Wanted To See But Didn’t

-Top 10 DBZ Relationships

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Top 10 Worst Instances of Filler in Dragonball Z

The Top 10 Most Awesome Moments of Dragonball Z

Ten More Big Plot Holes From Dragonball Z

The Top 10 Biggest Plotholes in Dragonball Z


The Too Much Awesome Podcast:

Yes, we had a podcast at one point. It isn’t updated anymore, but we have a few episodes up that we’re proud of. I’m particularly a fan of Episode 4, the Goku vs Superman debate between myself and Michael Waymire. Go give it a download and let us know what you think!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5


Finding Us Elsewhere:

We don’t just keep ourselves confined to Toy-TMA if we can help it, so you can actually find some of our writers elsewhere. Here’s exactly where.

Sites Chris contributes to:

The Escapist



Brian’s Site: Morning Toast


Sharayah’s Site: Linus and Bubba Books


And that’s that. Those are our features. See something you like? Let us know here so we’re aware of which features we should spend more time on, or perhaps which features we should leave entirely. The only way we get better is with your constant support, so help us move forward to a world where we serve your every need…at least in terms of geeky blogging.


About Author

Chris was the former Head Writer/Editor of Toy-TMA. He did a great job overseeing the site and getting new content published regularly. Always more than willing to respond to a comment or two, but pitiless with trolls! He has since moved on from TMA, and we wish him the best.


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