ABC Kids Expo Wrap Up


We didn’t get a chance to attend the ABC Kids Expo last week in Las Vegas, but initial reports are out that the event had a lot of creative new toy manufactures, …. as well as a sluggish attendance.

For a great review of some of the most innovative products, check out Lisa Casinger’s review.  She writes that,

As for news tidbits–I learned that Kaloo is now making all of its furniture in Canada rather than China; Fisher Price has another complete line developed exclusively for independent retailers; Netto is planning on expanding into toddler furniture and a bunk bed in 2009; Crown Craft has the license for Major League Baseball for toddler bedding; LaJobi is moving away from drop side cribs; and more companies are adding organic or eco-friendly products.

Meanwhile, Heather Nolte from Startup Nation commented that sales are low for many manufacturers, which may be why many of them didn’t show up in the first place.

I couldn’t help but notice a reoccurring theme throughout the five day show.Nobody wanted new.The manufacturers I spoke with all commented that sales were down about 35-50% and that the customers that were still buying were existing customers.I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the newcomers that ventured out to the show for their big launch, as many left with no orders written.It seems the economy has left the buyers skittish and I can’t blame them.

Monket Meditations by Pilloroo

Monkey Meditations by Pilloroo

Yikes!  Well, the economy may not be dazzling, but at least there are still plenty of creative toys being thrust out into the marketplace.

Personally, one of my favorite toy products at the expo that has been the subject of online toy talk is Pilloroo pillows.  Each pillow comes with a tiny stuffed animal that lives in the pillow’s secret pouch.  It’s so cute I don’t know what do with myself.  The pillows are hand-sewn in the United States and available at select toy boutiques.

Do you have any stories from the ABC Kids Expo?   Feel free to join in on the conversation about your experience.


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