Are electronic toys the best?


Toys are usually the first things that children have that are really their own.  So it should not come as a surprise that these first possessions leave an important mark on child psychology.  As such, parents should not think of toys simply as things that distract and entertain their children, but also as things that teach their children about the world they live in: most importantly, the world beyond the parent’s safe home.

Toys send messages about what is truly important, so choosing toys well can have long-lasting positive benefits on children.  Experts disagree on what toys are the best for kids.  There are two main camps: the technology lovers and the traditionalists.

The technology-loving experts suggest that electronic toys provide the best educational applications.  These toys usually entertain and teach through interactive displays of pictures, lights, and sounds.  Many electronic toys bank on babies’ fascination with buttons – every parent who has a remote control in the house knows about the power of buttons.  So, the technology experts argue that electronic toys are best for teaching young children about cause and effect and hand-eye coordination – two important behavioral learning skills.

Next we’ll discuss the traditional toy enthusiasts.


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