Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk wins Outdoor Toy of the Year


crayola-3dThe Toy Industry Association just handed out its annual awards and, since I’m wishing for spring, I’m focusing on outdoor toys today.

The winner of Best Outdoor Toy of the Year is Crayola’s 3D Sidewalk Chalk.

Now, who doesn’t love sidewalk chalk?  For me there are memories associated with May parades with huge areas covered in art by all ages (mostly I drew balloons for some reason), face painting, and corn dogs.

Sidewalk chalk is a great way to conquer two challenges: getting the sun you need in a day and having a creative outlet.  There is no need for perfection since it all washes away in the rain, but the memories and fun are there rain or shine.

The fact that they’ve incorporated a 3D aspect to sidewalk chalk is truly intriguing, and we’ll be putting this one on our list of things to try at home this year.  So many things are 3D lately (movies, books, video games) that it is not at all surprising that the folks at Crayola have come up with this new twist on an old favorite.  Of course it comes with some fancy glasses that are sure to wind up a fashion accessory at our house.

More Great Outdoor Toys

Some of our personal choices at home for outdoor play are standards like jump ropes and swings, but there are some exciting items out there that require just a bit of time to plan.  One of my absolute favorites is the zip line that comes with a few different weight standards (depending on whether mom & dad want to ride it too) and requires assembly.

Trust me, you want to ride the zip line too.

Here’s an oldie but still a goodie: sandboxes.  A sandbox complete with sand toys will allow hours of fun in the yard; diligence using a lid or tarp to keep rain and animals out will keep the sand safe and clean for months.  That’s par for the course with outdoor toys, of course.   Outside means they can take the foul weather, if you treat them right.

Lastly, Stomp Rockets and Rocket Balloons have been a favorite in our house because it’s fun to shoot the rockets, but there’s also an exercise factor in the chasing down of stray balloons.  It’s always good to sneak in extra exercise as play time… for kids and grown ups.


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